Thursday, 14 May 2009

New York New York!!!

So...where to start...the last month or so has been pretty thin on the ground in the gossip stakes....the reason being that the past few weeks I have dedicated myself to supporting the NYC AGAINST HIV event so it's been super busy in preparation!!!
And it was totally worth it!
I spent last week over in the US based at the venue, Mid
wood High School in Brooklyn which was awesome and like stepping into a Zac Efron movie...yes please!!
Hall monitors, marching bands, flags and stuff...AMERICAN STYLE! Yes please!
I was excited to be staying with my old housemate Paige...we lived together in Hell's Kitchen when I was interning in NY a couple of years a I set up camp in Queens!!!
It was a crazy week of model castings, make-up tests, styling....all sorts and we were so lucky to have an AWESOME team helping support!!!!(THANK YOU SOOO MUCH GUYS!!!)
So you have already heard the whole spiel about the event over th
e past few weeks....see below if you haven' I'm just going to give you the good stuff!! For example the fun show stuff and the gossip....although there's only so much juicy gossip you can get from hanging out in a high school!!!
Ooh yes...lots of fun and pizza times....I especially liked me and Alexis being mistaken for students!!!

Yes....and I took the most spectacular tumble that you could ever imagine....broad the middle of a road...straight into a puddle...yes...blood dripping down the leg...glasses and laptop had to be fished out the puddle....yes my cigarette was still lit!!!however...I did lose a lovely pair of tights in the whole spectacle!!!
And the show was amazing!!! It was a huge success and the auditorium was packed to bursting! We also had some of the students model in the show as well as the models!!! We had a full blown marching band in the mix complete with flag twirlers and a super special performance from the most awesome band EVER...."JAIME AND I"....check them this space for the full low down on the team, the show and special photos...COMING SOON!!!
Love and Jet Lag,

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