Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mystical Sparkle Pony!!!

Oooh iyya!
So, as you know...I love ANYTHING that my pilgrimage to cop an eyeful of a mystical twinkly pony was a treat and a half....
I first went to visit the horse a few years ago so I was super pleased to see it was being exhibited again!

This equine glitterfest is courtesy of Stella McCartney and is made of 8000 individual Swarovski glass crystals and is titled "Lucky Spot" and is currently on display up in a ruined castle in Belsay! It's set in magical fairy forests....oooh very nice! It is based on Stubb's 'Whistlejacket' painting...(which Rael and I recently clocked at the National Gallery and got excited as we liked the name and thought we would like a pair of matching jackets made of a million silver whistles!)

There you go...APPRECIATE the sparkle pony.
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx

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