Sunday, 17 April 2011

Burger Situations and other Tales...

Good Evening from Taiwan!
So things have been all over the place this past week or so! I'm frantically preparing for the final leg of my project which will take place later this week and also I've been wrapping up the last of all my workshops etc... I can't believe I've been here in Taiwan almost 3 months now and soon I will be whipping off to yonder UK so with so little time I've been trying to squeeze in all I can of Taipei!
The past week has been particularly eventful... alongside some late night sewing sessions and playing the new Britney album on repeat there have also been scenarios which include; 'The Burger Situation', a venture into Taipei's nightlife, the mysterious case of the loaf of bread, an annoying game of 'Space Invaders', Night Market shopping trips and an excursion to the National Palace Museum to see the Chagall exhibition.
I also spotted a BEAST of a Mukade which gave me flashbacks to the Japan days and today I saw a worm so big I thought it was a snake... I found a few soldiers lurking around Chiang Kai Shek which I loved and also I purchased a hot new ring and some amazing Barbie pink shoes in the market...additionally I'm being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
That's the now I'm prepping for my project with a local creative team that will kick off in a few days time and hoping to fit in as many theme restaurants as possible before I say farewell to Asia once again.... Some photos below 'innit....

Love and Sparkles
Emma xxx

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