Sunday, 19 June 2011

'INTER VIEW' with 2010LAB at Dortmund U!

Good Eveningggg!!!
I can't believe it's actually been a year since we cracked open the doors of 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!'...doesn't time fly?! Since closing said doors for the last time back in September it seems like only yesterday we were surrounded by chip forks in the realms of lovely Vienna.... so me and Polona recently were invited to
chat with the guys at 2010LAB at the Dortmund U about 'Creativity's impact on Society' for their wonderful 'INTER VIEW' series! The feature is now live and you can read the full story HERE!!!!
While I'm on the topic of last year's extravaganza...I thought I would share some never seen before behind the scenes pictures of Team Fish and Chips in action and what goes on after hours!!!!

Anywayzzz that's all for now...I'm off to test out my awesome new carrot and bunny teapot....
Love and Sparkles,

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