Monday, 16 April 2012

Clogs, Cheese and Dutch Adventures!!!!

Goedemiddag!!! (That's Good Afternoon in Dutch FYI....)
So last week I enjoyed a GLORIOUS trip to The Netherlands, post Easter egg
indulgence.... I hit up Haarlem in the North of Holland for some clog hunting and Gouda eating!!! There were a few windmills in the mix, plenty of rosehip jam and of course a trip to Holland is never complete without crispy fries and homemade mayo!!!!
Here's a few snaps from the Dutch adventure!!!

In other news I'm still on the lookout for photographers based in Maribor, Slovenia for an upcoming fashion/visual arts project.... or any potential collaborators, I would LOVE to hear from you... drop me a line via my website HERE!!!
Love and Sparkles,

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