Friday, 3 May 2013

Final Workshops and Korean TV!

Ooohh Hiya!!!
So I have since wrapped up the workshops that have been running alongside my main project for the past month...on a weekly basis I have been inviting different groups of local children to the studio so that they can each make their own individual textile square to contribute to a final patchwork. It's been really fun and a great bit of variety from my usual sewing and designing!!!
It's been a great experience to also work with the women from the village school and of course to interact with the kids in creating something fun and colourful!!The teachers have been amazing in terms of helping me to integrate with the community and have been so incredibly welcoming~so it's been really awesome to work alongside them throughout the previous few weeks.

The main focus over the past couple of months has been on the production of the actual wearable art pieces which sit at the centre of all of my field research, collaborations and activities here in South Korea... it's nice to see the sleepless nights paying off as now the rail is starting to fill up so I'm really excited about the next phase of my project here! This involves working with various creatives on the documentation aspects of my project which will include photography and an animation collaboration! Really looking forward to seeing how the work develops in terms of creating further dimensions to the concept! 
In other news....a Korean TV station rocked up to the studio this week to do an interview...aside from that it's been mainly all about the sewing this past week so I'm feeling pretty knackered and looking forward to catching up on some sleep!!!
So I will leave you with a couple of snaps from the final workshop!!!
Love and Sparkles,

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