Tuesday, 2 September 2014


oOOOooo HIYA!!
So just a quick one as a late night study session in preparation for my early morning Korean class is calling...word on the street is we have a test  tomorrow...EEEKKKERS!!!!

Anyway.... Thought I would share a few snaps with you of my display that is currently installed at LAH'LAH'LAND's LLL+ store in Sungei Plaza, Kuala Lumpur!!!! I've already told you the speile about this...but in short, I currently have some stuff including some exclusive one off pieces available at this awesome boutique and creative space!!
I LOVE how they have presented my work in the store~ I love their creative vision so it's great to be involved with these guys!!!

Oooh in other news at the weekend they were hosting a pop- up store at the 'JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2014' in Bangkok so some of my rainbow wares were hauled in the mix for the occasion....and thanks to Maddy Houghton who was lurking around Bangkok at the time and managed to get in there and nab a couple of snaps for me....YAYYY thanks!!!!!!!!! Happy to see my stuff branching off to new places and getting a new audience!!
Ooohhh and while I am here, here are a couple more snaps of my stuff from the awesome runway show that the LAH'LAH'LAND crew presented as part of the official launch of LLL+ last month....photographs courtesy of: TOBY TOH.
Ok....so off to my textbooks and a last bit of midnight embroidery....Bullion stitch galore for me tonight ... my new favourite technique!!!!
Love and Sparklezzzz!
Emma xxx

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