Friday, 10 October 2008

The Chain of Events.....And a Smashed Nail-Varnish!

Hi There, Hi There...
I just thought that I would write about the weird culmination of events yesterday....First off, I spent the day working on a very very very special project that I am currently directing!Ooohhhh this space I say!oooh the intrigue!
So then myself and Alexis trotted off into town, after a dilemma over whether or not the number 8 bus was in fact quickest...It need not have mattered as some kind of rumour of a fire near Oxford Street hindered our plans in getting to the destination...that asshole, 'Dollar' in the shop next door also had to pipe up en route! Our first port of call was to the Sugarbabes album launch at the JCDC store which tied in also with an extra special catwalk show of his SS09 optical treat I say!!!The next link in the chain saw us befriending a policeman at Shepherds Bush station.....the station is open again now after months of having to rely on the Pink line....its all shiny and new.....well, it was until, in my mission to change my shoes, i dropped my bag on the floor and an array of sparkly, salmon pink nail varnish cascaded out of the SUPER FIT BUT SICK Sugarbabes bag onto the nice new floor...I so wanted to use that bag for a trip to the shops....anyway, I think the policeman was so distraught over the whole spectacle and after listening to us debate whether or not a pre-packed sandwich from 'Londis' was substantial or dirty.....quickly got on his magical radio to get us directions.....must have thought we were a couple of imbeciles!!!
So our next rendezvous was with the amazing voice of Sia which was hot to trot....she is one of my favourites EVER....and she even has a gold sparkly Emma Bell dress lurking in her wardrobe that I gave to her on her last tour!!!ooooh special! That was fun and there was lots of hot boys there!!!Minus the one arsehole sitting in front of us who caused a right performance and also provided cheap entertainment!
The evening didn't end there....after watching a girl squatting on Brick Lane eating mayonnaise off the pavement...we went for a magical curry....Alexis' was not gourmet, but mine was...I do love a bit of Sag Aloo Paneer.....YES PLEASE!!! We then haggled the bitches down for discount and loved their special chocolates so much they gave us several more...I loved it...
Then, on the bus home we encountered a boy with very small feet who was wearing velveteen ruby slippers...that was have to love a boy wearing velvet shoes....actually, no, it's gross!!!
Love and Sunflower Seeds,
Emma xxx

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Prettindy said...

The weirdest thing just happened.

I put on the song Buttons by Sia on my itunes...

then went back to the internet on my computer and started reading this blog


So weird!

Did you see Sia at Shepherd's Bush Empire? It was a magical gig!!!