Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Yo Yo Yo......
So, New York Magazine Metier attended my show at London Fashion Week....READ ALL ABOUT IT! Hear what they have to say from the other side of the Atlantic...I especially liked Scottee's reference to being likened to a cross dressing CHERUB!!!A cherub?!?!!?!?I love it!!!

"Stephen Meisel shot an editorial for Vanity Fair Fashion Rocks where about 20 models dressed as ravers gathered to celebrate cult fashion. Emma Bell and all her mignons would have fit perfectly in that photo. From the start with a witty little video of a cross dressing cherub to the vinyl parade of pastels, each piece had a story. Sitting next to three mature blondes that looked like they would enjoy a tea at the Savoy over a fried egg bikini top – I overheard gasps and giggles with the never ending statement of “that’s amazing” so yes it is true, while one may not don pink vinyl bloomers, it’s still nice to see London recognizing originality and embracing it’s Soho roots."
-Lynn Furge

Love and Rubens,
Emma xxxx

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