Thursday, 2 April 2009

Calling New York!!!!!!

Yo Yo Yo!!!!
I'm super super super pleased to unleash that I am currently working on a very special project at the moment! It's very exciting and it also means there are some amazing opportunities to work with some of you guys out there?!
So I have already told you all about the incredible work that Designers Against Aids is doing in raising Aids/HIV awareness worldwide.....NOW they have teamed up with the wonderful Nineteen74....(it's a great site for any creatives out there looking to network globally and stay in the loop with some fantastic projects and opportunities....check it out )
Designers Against Aids and The Suny Downstate Medical Centre have joined forces with Nineteen74 and will be bringing The Big Apple an action packed fashion event called "NYC AGAINST HIV" to raise awareness and teach youths prevention and the value of staying safe....and I'm incredibly proud to say I shall be working on this project with them! Woooowww!!!

So of course....this means that there is an opportunity for YOU to get involved and join the team in making this event truly spectacular!
We are looking for photographers and film makers BASED IN NEW YORK come and work their magic at the fashion show....not only would you be getting involved and supporting an amazing initiative, you will also get to showcase your magical talents!!!!!

ALSO....are you interested in interning with us? I am looking for fashion assistants in NYC to help out in the run up and preparation RIGHT NOW as well as spending the week prior to the show with promises to be a very rewarding yet intense project but VERY EXCITING!!!!
If you are interested in either photography/film maker/intern opportunities...or have anything else you can offer to throw into the mix then please email:
NOTE: THE EVENT IS TAKING PLACE MAY 8TH SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR AVAILABILITY! ALSO ON THIS OCCASION YOU MUST BE BASED IN NEW YORK CITY!!! (yes...that does mean I've had an influx of people saying "hi I'm from London, but I'd love to go!"...come on now the not so small print!!!!ha ha ha)
Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting to work with you! I am also excited to finally work with some of the people I haven't been able to yet due to the inconvenience of the big Atlantic!!!!woooow!!!BRING IT ON!!!(it's one of my favourite movies EVER!)
Love and Statesideeee,
Emma xxxxx

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