Sunday, 5 April 2009

Some New Press Stuffs!!!

Yo Yo Yo....
So I would Like to say that some hardcore gossip went down this weekend...but it didn't I was locked away working pretty much all weekend...which isn't very glitter fuelled (well it is kind of glitter fuelled if you walk across my floor barefoot as it all sticks to your feet!) but it's all good!
Two interesting points...I went to Hyde Park and ate some mangoes...and Rael encouraged some weirdo to come and harass us...I was then asked if I was 15?! and Charlie had a lot of malt HORLICKS AND SOREEN...and the results were weird...I encountered the worst, most vivid nightmares of my life!!!
So anyway....Just wanted to share some latest bits of press I've whipped in!!!!
Clique Magazine

Bang Bang Industrie and Disappear Here.

Flare Canada, Let Them Eat Cake and Supersweet!!!

Open Magazine!!!
Love and Horlicks....

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