Thursday, 9 July 2009

Puma (Not an animal, a shoe.)

Ooooohhh iyyyya!!!!!
So last month I co-styled a shoot with Alexis Knox Puffytropsss for the new PUMA L.I.F.T Racer, sneaker of can cop a juicy spy of this bad boy in Notion issue 40....
It was a particularly tropical day in which the dude in the corner shop once again moaned about a phantom flood...and I was excited to have Emma
Box AKA "THE BOX" helping energy drinks, mug smashing or Gnome appreciation today however....
Ch Ch Check out the shoot above!!!!

Art Direction: Liam Gleeson
Photography: Mark Cant
Styling: Emma Bell & Alexis Knox
Models: Slinky and Kayt
Hair and Make-up: Svetlana Sorokina
What else to report??? I h
ave a new hair's purple....or more My Little Pony Lilac...anyway, I like it.

Being summer and all, me and my chum Dicko hit the fairground....always a treat and good opportunity to spy on sick but hot dirty gypsy boys...YES PLEASE! I agonisingly put my back out on a ridiculous ride , fell in love with a chav spinning the waltzers and went to see a fortune teller called Shirley....Guess what? She mystically guessed that my favourite colour is pink...(hmmm NO WAY!) oh yes, and she also told me "You like the bottle but, you know when to put the glass down!"
Love and Unicorns,
Emma xxxx

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