Saturday, 10 April 2010

Charli XCX and Lost in the Countryside....

Ooooh hiya!
It's been a busy week in Whirlers Central including getting lost in the countryside, supermarket scrums and working on the quickly approaching exhibition!!!
So, Charli XCX recently wore my stuff from SS10 for her performance at the Bestival Launch party alongside Alex Metric...she also rocked it for her shoot with Action Aid...exciting times! Charli is a singer/songwriter from the UK who started whacking out the tunes at only 14 and to date has had airplay on Radio 1, been shot by David Bailey for British Vogue as well as posed for Rankin!!!

Yesterday me and my friend Cara...(who also writes a juicy blog and is obsessed with Lady ) decided to brave the Central European train network of doom to make the out of town visit to the HUGGGE fabric warehouse....the same scenario also happened last time I attempted to get here and we ended up taking the wrong train...we found ourselves on some random non-stop train to some Austrian town a million miles away and the train conductor was not impressed with our antics. The venture however was totally worth the drama and I bought so many fabrics that I nearly broke my amongst all the gourmet fabrics they also sell a whole load of shit...imagine my delight when I found a pack of 6 totally sick novelty Easter candles for only 1 Euro?! There were gross ornaments and allsorts being whipped in my trolley!

Ok so I will leave you a shot of Prater funfair...which is my favourite place in Vienna and houses the most awesome beer garden in the world....and a rainy shot of the vicinity!!!!
Love and Sparklessssss

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