Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hello from 'Dream Community' Taiwan!

Oooh Hiya....from Taiwan!!!
So I touched down in Taipei last Friday....I LOVE IT!!!! I arrived at the 'Dream Community' which is a Culture and Education Development Foundation where I will be based in my studio working on a string of projects for a while! I'm living in an apartment onsite, just seconds away from the studio and there's a whole bunch of stuff on the complex; cafe, bakery, theatre, exhibition space, garden terrace, workshops...a goat!!! So it's a really awesome place to be located at for a while and to create some new pieces! The foundation runs a whole programme of e
vents from carnival parades, samba drum extravaganzas, lantern festival stuff, community orientated workshops and events....basically a load of fun and colourful stuff!
The first leg of my project kicks off at the weekend with a stint of fashion and textile workshops that I will be directing which, I'm super excited about! We have a bunch of proper sparkly fabrics at the ready and I'll be guiding a few different groups of people in designing and making various stage costumes and outfits!
Anyway...here are a couple of pictures of my new workspace....you will see it comes with a crew in Brazilian carnival attire to keep me company...AMAZINGGGG!!! Oh and this green monster thing that looks me right in the eye while I'm sewing and stuff! I've been a bit slow on the photo front as I haven't branched too far yet...just shopping of course!

ooohh ice cream flavour Oreos!!! YESSS PLEASEEE!!And they're purple inside!
Anyway lunchtime calls!!!!!
Love Emma xxxx

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