Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Children's Workshops in the Studio!!!!

So today saw the start of  some workshops at the studio that I'm doing with children from a local kindergarten! I'm actually doing several workshops alongside my main project and new collection in partnership with my residency here in South Korea
and this was the first in a series that I will be doing during the community based aspects of my projects here. It was really fun and today saw a bunch of 5 year olds getting crafty with the fabric~plenty of bright colours and sequins flying around the room!
Over the upcoming weeks I will be working with a few different groups in which everyone will be making their own square to contribute to a final patchwork!
It was really lovely to have them in the studio and really great for me to get to meet some of the local kids and work alongside Sophia, the teacher from the school!
The school have been hugely supportive during my rural adventures so it's really amazing to be able to work with them and I'm looking forward to the next workshop! The school itself is really great to visit, it's super colourful with Hello Kitty EVERYWHERE~and the kids and staff are incredibly friendly! There's always coffee, bananas and toast in the mix whenever I pop in to visit!
As I mentioned, people and the community are a core theme of my creative projects here, so it's great to experience more insight into this through hosting the workshops and actually interacting with the residents and local institutions.
Alright, so I'm off to tidy up all of the sparkles from the floor then crack on with my own sewing!!!! So I will leave you with a couple more photographs!!!
Emma xxxx

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