Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sewing in the Wilderness and More Workshops!!!

Ooooh Hiya!!!!
Just a couple of updates of what has been going on!!! Not too much juicy gossip as these days the deadlines are ticking so, aside from sewing the new collection at all hours, there are not too many escapades to report on!!! Most recently I've been doing a lot of embroidery and hand embellishment work which makes for some super long, sewing sessions and plenty of bleeding fingers!!! I have also been continuing to collaborate with the staff at a local school and have churned out another phase of my workshop programme here! So I shall show you a few photos!!!!
The most recent workshop saw a larger group of children and also they were a little it older so I could be a bit more adventurous with the techniques I was teaching them!!!
I'm really enjoying doing to the workshops alongside my project as it brings a bit more variety to my work here and it's always fun to have the studio all lively and full of people getting crafty...!The downside was when I was setting up all of the fabrics and equipment that I actually encountered the BIGGEST of the spiders that I'm yet to encounter...this one was a different style to the others....this one was a lot more fluffy than I would have liked...looked like it was wearing a wig~ gross! So the spider scenarios continue... my fear of spiders is now 10 times worse than it ever was in the first place and now I'm trying various methods to defer these beasts...tea tree oil, jungle strength DEET, sound apps on my phone....sleeping with bobbles around the wrists of my pajamas in case they are lurking under the duvet..... endless techniques in the mix...  
So anyway enough about spiders and that.... I'll leave you with a couple of photos!!!!

Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx

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