Monday, 3 November 2008

What went down...on the eve of Fashion Week!

Can I get a rewinddddddddd..........
ok so, what really went down as we pulled a corker of an all-nighter the evening before my show at London Fashion Week.....
Let me show you....

As we finished sewing, put the final touches of glitter on Dr Martens, Katie frantically was still knitting...we also enjoyed a midnight pizza feast, some whisky....and even set up hair salon in my studio alongside a disco!!!
Myself and Alexis were distraught at the fact we may not have had our hair done in preparation for at around 3am..Charlie Le mindu popped round with his bag of magic and whipped us up special hair-do's for the occasion....Imagine, cold water, a kitchen sink and a stinky tea towel....corker indeed!!Alexis also decided now was the time to throw out her favourite French "Tectonic" dance moves complete with a head full of bleach!!! Entertain yourself with the video above....eekers!

It was all fun and games I tell you...with a lot of stress thrown in for good measure!

Mel puts the finishing crystals on! Jackee and a magical midnight feast!

Katie drops the knitting needles! Finishing touches to the footwear! there you have it!!Fun, frolics and heart attacks in the studio of dreams!!!


Emma xxx

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