Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Magical Project....Designers Against Aids!!!

Afternoon Twinkletoes!
So once again I've been keeping a very special project under my hat......
I have recently become involved with an amazing charity called "Designers Against Aids" (DAA) which is actively working since 2004 to raise Aids awareness through media platforms worldwide by teaming up with designers and celebrities...
I am 100% honoured to say I am part of this project and have been working on creating some extra special print designs for garment that you will be able to get your mitts on SUPER PRONTO!
DAA have worked in bringing a special collection called "Fashion Against Aids" with H&M as well as collaborating with hot designers and celebs including Rhianna, Gareth Pugh, Scissor Sisters, Bernhard Willhelm, Dita Von Teese, Jeremy Scott and Katharine Hamnett....amongst others!!!Wooo! So I'm incredibly excited to be on board and look forward to unleashing my super special designs!!!
OOOh also...they just released this fantastic DAA video clip starring the amazing New York performer
André J and cover star of French ch check it out!!!
It's awesome to the MAXXXX!!!!

So I shall leave you with that and let you get excited to see future updates!!!
Check out the's truly amazing.....
Love and Umbrella Time (ergh the rain outside is so vile!)

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