Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ooooooh the Notion bash was hot!!!!!!!!

ooooooooooooooooohhhh iiiiya!
So, as you know, I'm a big
fan of Notion magazine....I think it's a beaut....especially now that the lovely Alexis Knox has whipped in and become fashion editor!woooo WELL DONE KNOXY!
So Friday evening saw the launch of issue 38 with guest was a right old shindig!I have been revelling in hermitville for the past few months so I was up for the unleashment! Also...when I spotted my ever favourite, "RELENTLESS" were sponsoring the bash....I was even more excited!!!!

Imagine my delight when....get this....I made the amazing discovery that there is actually a 4TH VARIETY?!?!As if?!!?I if Inferno wasn't the pinnacle discovery...there is actually another flavour of the "Juiced" version.....BERRY FLAVOUR! Yes please! It was EXQUISITE....I was hysterical!!! It has also pipped the "Tropical Juiced" to the post in terms of being my favourite!! It was scrumptious!!!

Yes...It was quite an extravaganza with Esser even abandoning the stage and whipping out an impromptu sesh throwing out the beats AL FRESCO!!!
oooh knoxy rocking the emma bell aw09! was quite the affair!!! Charlie also dyed my hair blue for the occasion....I loved it!

Oooh two favourite things in life...."That's Life" AND Lambrini!!!
Errrmmmm so yeah....and the evening kind of began like I'm sure you can imagine how it ended......

Love and Lambrini and stuff,
Emma xxxx

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