Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Delightful Robe of Dreams....

Afternoon Crumpets!!!!
Last night I went to ring the doorbell....but luckily I was wearing my glasses because at that crucial moment I spotted a MASSIVE BEAST of a spider lurking right on the button...a one of those horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE chunky ones. TRAUMATIC!
So anyway, I recently rambled on about the special garment that I was doing for Scottee's T-Shirt launch, hosted at mega-hot Soho boutique 'Digitaria' a couple of weeks back!
So here it is...feast your eyesss on the tie dyed, sparkled up creation! Or go pay it a visit in Digitaria!
If you haven't already got your limited edition Scottee T-Shirt, then get them while theyre hot because there are only 100 of the beauties!!!!
Love and Hoovering the Glitter off the floor....

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