Sunday, 16 August 2009

I Love a Good Window Display...

It's that means gourmet Sunday Veggie Roast is en route! Yes Please!
I've always loved Fortnum and Mason's window displays...they have really cracked a few beauties out of the bag over the years! Like, actually AMAZING. Growing up in Newcastle our equivalent was "Fenwicks Christmas Window"....which I might add, back in the day, was pretty spectacular...(we used to go into town for late night shopping after school on Thursdays....)
Anyways...a few weeks ago, myself, Hayley and amazing accessories designer Random Bangle went on an epic mission, walking all the way from Kensington back to Shoreditch! Many an experience on the way. impromptu feast for the ears from Bruce Springstein and everything! are some pictures of Fortnum's rec
ent installation...AMAZING...all of my favourite things in one window display!!!

So there you go...
Right, I'm off!
Love and Yorkshire Puddings!

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