Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Doe Deere and Lime Crime!!!

images courtesy of http://www.myspace.com/limecrimemakeup
Afternoon Pops!
So I wanted to take a moment to talk all about the creative genius and superstar business woman that is Doe Deere! As the Director and founder of her very own exclusive make-up brand 'Lime Crime', It was a pleasure to work with her when I was over in New York a few months back working on the NYC Against HIV
Lime Crime is a juicy, rainbow selection of AMAZING eye shadows c
alled 'Magic Dust' and spectacular high pigment Lipsticks in lots of incredible colours from 'No She Didn't' to 'Airbourne Unicorn'. I love it all!!!!

Above is an image from one of her collaborations on a shoot with Audrey Kitching!
Ooh and you can also see the plethora of goodies nicely arranged for a contrived photo that I took! She gave me a lovely bag full of magical eyeshadows and glitters!!! My favourites are the Elf and Empress shades, they are amazing!!! I am forever on a mission to find colours that last forever and are super opaque...I have finally found them in Lime Crime!
What's even better is that she ships internationally from her online store all the way over in New York/another Galaxy!!!
CLICK to go check them out HERE!!!!
On top of all that this multi-talented ladyyy also hosts a great online zine full of lots of pretty things and make-up tutorials!!!
CLICK HERE for Doe Deere's lovely Zine!!!!
ANDDDD......if that wasn't enough....check out her magic music available on i-tunes or check out the myspace!!!
Ok...and that's that!!! This stuff totally gets my stamp of approval and I think her creative vision is awesome....I look forward to working with her again and creating some magic!!!
Love and Sparkles!


Cara said...

i lovvvvvvvvvveee it! the colors are soo nice!

Delores Manderelle said...

I love your blog! ^.^ Lime Crime is very nice! Do you write for MookChick.co.uk?