Thursday, 17 May 2012

Textile Factories, Rhinestones and the Dalai Lama...

Good Evening from Mariborrrr!!!!!
So it's been quite an action packed week.... although mainly this involves parking up in the studio surrounded by sequins, jewels and glitter which is always great!!! I've also been trying to master how to say 'kvačkanje' which is the Slovene word for crochet which, I have been doing a lot of this week.... queue the magical shades of orange and blue wool that I've been working with....

Alongside the sewing I've also been starting the preparations for a couple of collaborations that I have coming up here which I'm soooo looking forward to!!! I'm soon to be shooting with a Maribor based photographer- and yessss, she rocks up to meetings in AMAZING ball gowns so this is set to be a super exciting project!!! 
Today has been especially awesome..... it began this morning after I ate some lovely thing, the Dalai Lama is driving down the street past the gallery, police escort and I do hope that he LOVED our magical bunting that is festooning the building?!?!!?! Random start to the day!!!! 
This afternoon I made an encore back at the textile factory to pick up some delights in their  fabric store....I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! They're one of the few factories in the industrial area of Maribor that are still producing and everything they sell is manufactured here in the city so I'm really excited to be using materials that I've sourced locally....picked up some real gems today....AMAZING colours and awesome prints!!! 
Next up we were on a mannequin hunt and went to visit a jewellery designer who makes wonderful, magical creations and who had whipped up a lovely chocolate and banana cake! With colourful sprinkles and allsorts!!!!
The rainy day was rounded off with a quick visit to an illustration exhibition that was opening down the road..... and finally I can watch some Jersey Shore and finish off a bit of bejewelling before bedtime!!!!!!
In other news we had an incident involving a fire alarm courtesy of some burnt toast and I successfully managed to navigate the complicated foreign washing machine.... 

Love and Sparkles,

Yessss, of course I'm loving the Slovene TV when it involves outfits like this!

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