Thursday, 3 September 2009

Toodle Pip London....HELLO VIENNA!!! WOOP!

Museums Quartier Vienna....My new house!!!
Guten Taggggg!
So I have touched down in Whirlers, as I like to call it! AND I LOVE IT!!!
Moved into my new live/work studio which sits bang in the middle of the Museums Quartier where all the action is happening!!!
It's basically a complex of musuems, galleries, showrooms, boutique
s, cafes with a massive social scene going on in the court yards.
So the new studio is a concept build designed by Heimo Zobernig and it's 53 square metres of DREAMSSSS!ha ha!
It has a cube in the middle with all weird slidey doors and houses the kitchen, bathroom, storage etc!
And I was excited when I arrived to see that my work is on posters and this months MQ art plan in the run up to Vienna Fashion Week!!! WOOOP!!
So I'm going to show you some pics I took of my new studio....

And now for my gourmet custard bathroom....

This is what caused the excitement....oh and the view from my window!

So then I went to pick up groceries and did a bit of exploring the city...some photos to feast your eyes on....

Really excited about getting to live and work in Vienna for a bit and be Artist in's such a beautiful city....and it's amazing to get to base myself in the middle of such a huge creative environment! My show at Vienna Fashion Week is on 23rd September wooooo!!!EXCITED!!!! And my sewing machines will bere here later today!!!YAYYY!
So prior to flying out here this week...I said my farewells to Londo style....involving Alcopops in a park...CLASSY! And also my friend Gui moved back to Brazil FOREVER....NOOOOOOO!!!! Here's what went down at the weekend....

OOoooh that was a long post!!!!
I'll leave you with one thing....just to be annoying as I keep going on about it!!
BUT if you haven't already VOTED for me in the British Airways Great Britons Scheme...pleassseee rock down there NOW!!!!
Love and Viennese Whirls


Daisy said...

Wow Emma your studio looks soooooooooooo amazing- I'm jealous

Daisy xxxx

Emma Bell said...

arggh Im so excited!!! Come and visit with your mam!!!

HMcK said...

Agreed, that studio and the view are spectacular!! Vienna looks gorgeous, just wait til it starts snowing, winter wonderland-a-rific...