Saturday, 19 September 2009

Vienna Fashion Week!

Oooooohhh iyyya! show is I'm taking a couple of moments out to spread the word 'innit!
Wednesday is as you can imagine....right now it looks like this....

Wednesday marks both my unleashment of a preview portion of my SS10 collection as well as my debut at Vienna Fashion Week! So whole new ball game all round....after 3 seasons at LFW...and living and working in London for so many years....its an exciting change! And it's weird that I sit sewing looking at big old curly buildings and listening to sick German radio instead of looking down at Catch and listening to someone pissing up against my front door...much as I miss it!
But I can't compare them as they are totally different experiences!
In other news the impending show has meant some serious hours spent burning the midnight oil...and my addiction to energy drinks has returned...I've sampled pretty much ALL the Austrian market has to offer...POWER HORSE, BURN, FULL SPEED....(full speed tastes like SHIT.) and I have to admit none compare to my LOVE OF RELENTLESS....what I would do for a Relentless and THE BOX right now...
So anyway....the show is wednesday at 9pm....a seperate press showcase will be happening at any media to contact the PR...
The show at 9pm is going to be held in the tent at MQ Vienna...and is open for everyone! So come along!
Oohh, the 19th...marks the one year anniversary to the day of my first ever solo show at London Fashion Week!spppoooookkkyyy! back to my sewing and Girls Aloud.....
Love and Relentless

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