Thursday, 1 October 2009

Whirlers CRIBS and STYLEAUT Launch!

Oohhh iyya Little Schnitzels!
Good as I said hectic week post Vienna Fashion Week and all....
Tuesday was crazy busy with me hosting an open studio, presenting my work at the Styleaut launch, a TV crew rocking round, a press conference AND the opening of the new "Real World Laboratory" exhibition!!! Wowzer....hectic-a-rama! I wanted to sleep forever afterwards....but we still found time to enjoy some drinks in the MQ and be harrassed by a tramp that spoke a million
ORF....which is Austria's answer to the BBC popped into my studio to film...CRIBS STYLE ...(oh and one of the camera crew's Dad was a Geordie!!love it!) as part of a day totally
dedicated to the wonderful work of Quartier21...the programme that are supporting my stay and project here in Vienna!
Later on we attended the press conference before opening up our doors to press and public and hosting an open studio!
One of my fellow artists in residence also held a presentation in our lobby...

This is Eva Kotatkova who is a Prague based artist whose bases her work around her environment and the "basic" structured communities of household, family and education and their natural mechanisms. Her ethos is to present these institutions in a new context by reflecting her personal position within them.
So the final stint of the day saw the opening of the new Styleaut boutique here in the Museums Quartier, owned by director Boris Berghammer. Styleaut is also my amazing cultural sponsor representa
tive here in Vienna...and they have an online here!
The concept store also hosts a gallery space in which some of my work was displayed for the launch event! It's still the
re go and have a look!

Ok...there you go! A very exciting week!I'm off for a shandy and to sew....
Love and Radler
Emma xxxxx

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WOW that is reallly amazingly, awesome. :D
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