Thursday, 10 July 2008

Inspiration timeeee!

Hi there muffins!!!!

People keep HOUNDING me about what has been inspiring me and the latest collection that I am currently working on....whilst I'm not going to whip out all of my special sketchbooks and journals, because ermmm it just doesn't work like that....I thought I would let you in on a few things that I'm either loving, hating or generally musing about....
Usually I take a trip to somewhere that really really excites me....the sort of all- consuming adventure where you spend months re-reading the Lonely Planet,the sort of trip that the anticipation stops you from sleeping at night and gives you a wave of uncontrollable excitement every time you think of it(I usually unleash a squeal or some weird vocal extravaganza at this point!)...I figure you cant run on empty, and besides what's the point in th
at, it's tedious and dull?....I would find it really hard to just sit and draw whilst looking at the same 4 walls, in fact I would hate it....even a trip to somewhere mundane like the corner shop gives you something, so it doesn't necessarily mean you have to trot off on some exotic holiday but, it's important to surround yourself in happenings! Whenever I'm away I keep little journals....well actually they end up really fat and bulbous because I collect EVERYTHING, bus tickets, sketches, biscuit wrappers, newspaper clippings (yeah, not like I can read them, but often the writing is pretty!), postcards....I also write in them at least once a day....I love my journals, they mean the world to me and are full of the beginnings of so much inspiration!!woooo, how cheeseville did that sound?!!?
ch ch check them out.....errmm if you have a library card you may come to my bedroom and borrow them, I might make you a cup of tea also....errr no!
I also read...a lot...right now I am re-reading "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath as it is one of my favourites as well as William Goldman's "The Princess Bride" because I've been enjoying indulging in sick fairy tales recently and it has sharks, zoo's of death, miracle men and a hot bit of romance in the fire swamps....
That is all...
Love and Peanuts (just because the woman next to me is eating them!)
Emma xxx

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