Tuesday, 8 July 2008

That's a MAP...cherry cakes and knitting!!!

Yesterday saw a very productive knitting session with myself, my fabulous assistant Katie and Gina 'Mother With a Twist' at the needles of steel!!! It involved a copious sprinkling of glitter, cheese sandwiches and cherry cakes (picked up from the corner shop...the man in there likes to call me "Dollar" because of my tarnished necklace that I acquired from a fancy dress shop...he is creepy and weird)! I'm not going to give too much away as that will spoil the surprise of what's in store for SS09...so hold your horses...patience is a virtue, don't you know!
Gina came with a very special gift....I have an obsession with maps....I love them....so imagine my ear-piercing squeals of delight when she presented me with a gourmet map-print pillowcase!!! It's the best thing in the world!
Strangely, this isn't the only piece of map-orientated paraphernalia that I have received in the past week.....my chum Jobot unleashed a corker of an inflatable globe which can either serve as a beach ball or a nice bit of decorative art to transform any old room or shack into an all singing, all dancing, el rustico, worldly paradise!!!
Check out the goods....

Love and Mapssssssssss,
Emma xxx

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