Sunday, 27 July 2008


Evening all.....
I actually slipped on a banana skin this evening...yes, it is the thing of comic books and "The Chuckle Brothers" but, it actually happened to me!!!Me and Alexis ended up on an impromptu mission around East London tonight...strolling around and OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH i nearly take a tumble after slipping in what I guessed was probably dog shit....but OH NO...upon closer inspection it was indeed an actual banana skin!I mean, come on now, who does this?! Bet it was someone thinking it was a cheap laugh to plant a slippy banana skin on the floor in hope that someone ended up in some kind of comedy sketch scenario!!!They were probably filming it for "You've Been Framed"! It was however hilarious...I enjoyed it supremely!!!Proper corker I tell you!!!
Ooohhh the cheeky little monkey!!!

Love and Potassium Filled Bananas,
Emma xxxx

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