Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Back of a Taxi, Namalee and Blackberry Bird Poo falling from the sky!!!

Bonsoir Poooffy Cakes!!!!!
I was enjoying a nice ride in the back of an old Addison Lee the other evening when I decided to indulge in a spot of reading of the free literature that they throw in for your viewing pleasure!!Imagine my delighted surprise when I spied my name in there!!The lovely Namalee has written a piece as the London Face about what floats her boat and the launch of her new single, 'Namazonia'!
"I can't get enough of Cassette Playa's beautiful cartoon clothes and Emma Bell's padded shimmery dresses:they make you look like a My Little Pony robot!"
Wooooooo thanks!!!!I love it!!!!You can see it above! And check out Namalee's myspace: and my amazing assistant Katie got shat on was sick but a cheap laugh at the same time....we were concluding the gossip before we departed when some purple stuff fell from the there's a lot of blackberries around that neck of the, my theory is that the naughty birds were stealing them all and that's the reason that the shower of crap was was so bright it actually dyed strands of our hair...we had to shamefully attempt to remove it by the roadside with a slice of special paper from my High School Musical notebook!!!It's good luck to get shat on, so maybe I will win lots of competitions in "That's Life"!!!
The pillows are calling me...(especially my one with the world map on!!)
Love and Sleeping Beauties,

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