Friday, 22 August 2008

My Drastic Career Change and a BUFFET!!!

Ooooohhh going anywhere nice on your holidays?!?!!?
I decided to toss away the tailor's sheers this week and get the kitchen scissors out to chop Adam's mop!!He loved it....Now he looks like he has just stepped out of a salon!!!I am very impressed with the results if I do say so myself!!!He looks FIT...and look how gloriously shiny it a mirror....oooh GLOSSYYYY!!!!
You can spy on him above with his friend Sarah the Geisha (yep...she loved it too, she tried to seduce him by playing a magical harpsichord in his ear!!!) Errr so yeah...I like to think that I am a hairdresser now....but, maybe Ill stick to cutting fabric instead!!!
Also a party went down in aid of James' never-ending birthday....Alexis knows how to put on a good spread!!!BUFFET-A-RAMA!!!

Emma xxxx

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