Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Polly Norton is Awesome!!!

Afternoon Tropical Sunbeams!!!
I was so excited today after a morning of hardcore sewing and a shortage of tea bags (I actually had to recycle a bag of chamomile as the thought of trotting out in the drizzly rain was just too much to fathom-what a skank!) to find that the amazing Polly Norton, a London based artist, has created an exquisite beaut of an Illustration of my work!!!It's a treat and I love love LOVE it!!! Check out the masterpiece of the lovely model Suki Sou wearing Emma Bell AW08!!!!
Also take a peep at Polly work!!!!Here's her myspace!!
Thanks to the max Miss Polly.....!!!!!!!!!!!
Love and Disco Dancing!!!
Emma xxxx

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