Monday, 11 August 2008

The Word on The Grapevine!!

Howdy Pineapple Heads!!! I would like to say that I have a lot of hot, juicy gossip to report from last week....or some tales of being drunk in a gutter maybe...but the reality is that I don't!!The past week has been intense pattern cutting, sewing and fitting with a bit of veggie sushi shopping at the CO-OP thrown in!!!One bit of excitement was a big, bulging box of extra special fabrics arriving on the doorstep that I have been waiting in anticipation for....a clue...its sparkly and magical!!!So I cracked straight on with that!The rail for SS09 is turning into a plethora of treats so that makes me smile a lot!!!!
Aside from that I have officially been a hermit for the past 2 party or glitter times (well that's a bit of a lie, as a day can not pass without there being some form of glitter being rubbed onto my eyes!!!)however, it's been a ver
y productive week!!!It's always a good feeling when you can tick a few tasks off the list!!!
Once again, despite being exhausted, I can't sleep because I want to finish off reading " The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho...which is amazing!!I recommend this beaut!!!
Also this week I was enlightened on an amazing graphic designer and Illustrator called Arlene Rieneke....check out her's beautiful!!Take a look....I've fallen in love with it!!!

I've got a nice action packed week ahead of me which I am really looking forward to: some wrestling of the sewing machine, a few interesting meetings,I'm trotting off to the countryside to indulge in getting messy doing some screen printing for Spring/Summer 09...a visit from my lovely friend and fellow fashion bitch, Nicola, who is popping over from Madrid...yep, so that should keep me occupied! Also, next weekend is my housemate James' birthday...I might go all Betty Crocker and bake him a cake if he's lucky, then again,Ill see if I can be arsed!!!If I do, I might make a special apron for the occasion...then again....I might not!!!
Also, my myspace is going crazy since the launch of my featured profile which is really cool...although I really can't keep up with all the action despite trying my hardest!
Right, it's time to put the special, pink, heart fairy lights on and have some bedtime reading......ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Love and a Million Dancing Rapunzels,
(I like Rapunzel...sometimes when my friend Richard walks past my house and I'm hanging out the window like a naughty, skanky teenager having a cigarette, he shouts for Rapunzel...I love it!)
Emma xxxx

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