Thursday, 21 August 2008

One gets one...they ALL want one!!!(But...they're not...only SPECIAL RAEL is!)

So, following my special present that was handcrafted for James...they now all want one!!!Don't want people getting jealous over my magical gifts, it's select and exclusivo Prince Rael was the lucky receiver of such a GOURMET gift for his belated birthday...this is because he is really special and there is actually only one MYSTICAL, TROPICAL, MAGNILOQUENT MONGOLIAN entity such as this young chap!...this one is not some weird,sick creature such as the Golden Rumped Elephant's actually a one of moi!!ha ha ha...but, he loved it so much he wet his pants...almost....
He also made this video extravaganza!!!
Love and Sewing Machines!!!
Emma xxx

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