Thursday, 7 August 2008

Graduate Fashion Week!!

Hello Turkish Delights....yummy...especially the pistachio flavour...(That guy "Dollar", as previously discussed if you have been avidly perusing my blog...well he said that I looked 'Irish like a Leprechaun because you are a pistachio' the other day....the reason for this being that I was wearing a green cardigan...what a knob!)
So anyway....I finally get round to scanning this bad boy in and giving it a mention...apologies for the crappy scanning but the page was just way too big and it was too much of an effort to wrestle with the boxes beside the scanner to make sure it looked decent...but anyway, you get the gist!
So yes, my old Uni, Westminster recently whacked out their annual show at Graduate Fashion Week and of course I was there with bells on to see this year's creations and rising talent! I have to admit that I don't like the new GFW location at Earls Court....they desperately need new carpets and it all feels a bit rustic for my liking...give me Battersea anyday...they even have an ice cream van where I can purchase my favourite Mint Feasts from and have nice grass to sit on whilst indulging in a picnic....
Anyway, this year I was given the honour of being interviewed, alongside other hot names like Christopher Bailey and Katie Hillier, for the Westminster magazine to accompany the show...It was juicy!
My favourite showcases this year were Charlotte Kennedy and Caroline Roughly!!!Check them out!
Over and Out....
Love and Bagels
Emma xxxx

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