Saturday 25 September 2010

Mino, Japan: Artist in Residence!

Konnichiwa from Japan!
Now that the jet-lag has vanished and I'm more settled is the lowdown on my current project which sees me living and working in Japan for the next 3 months!
So a while ago my proposal was selected by the committee at the Mino Paper Art Village Project in Japan and I was invited to Mino City alongside 3 other International Artists to participate in their Artist in Residence programme
. The city has a history of traditional Japanese Washi (paper) making that has been rocking around for 1,300 years and the concept of the project is to maintain it's paper making heritage as well as fuse it into contemporary art and design.
Part of the experience is that you live with a host family throughout the duration and I have been lucky enough to be placed with the lovely Takahashi's at the amazing Buddhist temple that they run! So I have a lovely living space and that's my room above! Total change for me as I'm scared of nature and I'm so used to living in big cities!
It's been super busy since arriving as they had an action packed schedule of meetings, parties and all sorts planned for the new artists! We got to meet the Mayor of the
city as well as attend our 'Welcome Party' which involved us parading around playing instruments whilst wearing a Peruvian poncho?!

Today we moved into the studio where we will be working for the next few months...that is my space above!Love it! It's right in the middle of the old streets with paper walls and all, so there's lots of nice shops and stuff going on around us!

It's full steam ahead now and I am so excited to get started on my project which involves transforming Mino Washi into textiles that will then be used for a collective of paper garments which will be exhibited here in Japan in a few months time! Today I started playing around with the paper and even discovered that they make washable paper socks here...crazy!
So that's the basic lowdown! Lots more to come!
Love and Sushi!

Friday 24 September 2010

SS11 Showcase Collection and Farewell Vienna!

Photographer: Wolfgang Steiner
Hair and Make-Up: Claudia Haider
Hosiery: Pebelle
Models: Ina Rot @ Stella Models & Zuzana Stanekova @ Look Models.
Hello Hello!!!
Lots to update on...I'm in Japan right now...But I shall give you a full rundown of the last couple of weeks beforehand!
So the first big bit of news was that we finally closed the doors on 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!' after receiving a record number of almost 30,000 visitors! So happy that it has had such an awesome response and it's been a great project to work on over the past 9 months!
After spending the majority of the past year in Vienna, including my residency, I have said farewell to Whirlers and after packing up the exhibition, I ventured back to England for a few days!
Throughtout working on Fish and Chips, I have also been developing my condensed showcase collection/SS11 which features my commissioned prints as part of the exhibition. This season I presented a selection of the pieces statically in the gallery and the images above are of my most recent lookbook shoot, that I worked on with photographer Wolfgang Steiner.
So in the space of a week I waved goodbye to Vienna and the action packed chapter that was 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!' and found myself in Japan. I was recently awarded a position as Artist in Residence as part of the Mino Paper Art Village Project who have invited me to live and work here for the next 3 months. I only arrived yesterday after an epic 30 hour long journey which involved pretty much every mode of transport that you can imagine! So right now I'm settling in and attending to the action packed schedule that is planned...but I will save the full story for tomorrow!
Toodle Pip!