Sunday 23 August 2009

Dirrty Glam and other Stuffs!

Evening All!!!
Thought I would show you a bit of press from French magazine, Dirrty Glam....
My holographic yellow Lederhosen skirt was used in a shoot by Nicole Maria Winkler...which is awesome!
It's nice to see my work in black and white also, as that's a first for me!
Really love this shoot...and you can check out her other lovely photography at

Oooh also while I'm is a cheeky bit from when DazedDigital covered my SS09 London Fashion Week show.....

Here you go, feast your eyes...

Seeing as I'm killing a zillion birds with one stone....can I also just add.....Still on the look out for fashion interns over in beautiful promises to be lots of fun and there's lots of exciting projects on the horizon that would love your helping hands!! email:

ANDDDD......once again....I'm going to slip in another blatant plug about my entry for the wonderful British Airways Great Britons project! RATE ME UP.....pleaseeee!!And I will love you forever! It takes 2 seconds....I promise and I will be eternally grateful for your support!
This is the link.....please check it out and hit the magical stars!!!!

Ok....that's toodlepips from me!
Love and Lemon Meringue
Emma xxxx

Thursday 20 August 2009

Viennese Whirls and That!!!

Guten Tag (For real this time!)
So I've been brewing some SUPER exciting news.....and it's reallllly special!!
In less than two weeks I shall be moving to beautiful Vienna for a while!!!
I've been awarded a position as Artist in Residence within the Museums Quarter which sees me moving into a GOURMET studio, right next door to a real life Princess Palace!!Wooo!
I will be based there to develop my SS10 collection as well as experience my first foray into Vienna Fashion Week! YESSSS PLEAASSEE!!!
Having showcased in London for the past three seasons, it's an exciting change to be taking it European and also using the opportunity to spend some time living overseas!
So right now, I'm preparing to jet off and trying to learn German....(I've learnt how to say..."I would like to post a parcel to Singapore please")
There's a lot of exciting projects in the mix for whilst I'm over watch this space!!!!
Also, I am looking for interns over there to come and work in the studio with me...and have tea and If you are interested...please email
Love and Toodle Pipssss!

Sunday 16 August 2009

I Love a Good Window Display...

It's that means gourmet Sunday Veggie Roast is en route! Yes Please!
I've always loved Fortnum and Mason's window displays...they have really cracked a few beauties out of the bag over the years! Like, actually AMAZING. Growing up in Newcastle our equivalent was "Fenwicks Christmas Window"....which I might add, back in the day, was pretty spectacular...(we used to go into town for late night shopping after school on Thursdays....)
Anyways...a few weeks ago, myself, Hayley and amazing accessories designer Random Bangle went on an epic mission, walking all the way from Kensington back to Shoreditch! Many an experience on the way. impromptu feast for the ears from Bruce Springstein and everything! are some pictures of Fortnum's rec
ent installation...AMAZING...all of my favourite things in one window display!!!

So there you go...
Right, I'm off!
Love and Yorkshire Puddings!

Friday 14 August 2009

IBULEVE in Miracles!!!!

Oooh Afternoon!!!
Just a quick one....I have an abundance of pattern cutting to crack on with....also I'm working on some very special designs for a super exciting collaboration that I have lurking up my bejewelled await the WORDDD on that one!
Anyways...just thought I'd show you a recent project I worked on as I clocked it on TV last night....
I worked with the wardrobe crew on the 'Ibuleve' commercial...which was fun!!!
Anyway there is the ad above...
Off I pop....Earl Grey Please...
Toodle Pip
Emma xxx

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Delightful Robe of Dreams....

Afternoon Crumpets!!!!
Last night I went to ring the doorbell....but luckily I was wearing my glasses because at that crucial moment I spotted a MASSIVE BEAST of a spider lurking right on the button...a one of those horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE chunky ones. TRAUMATIC!
So anyway, I recently rambled on about the special garment that I was doing for Scottee's T-Shirt launch, hosted at mega-hot Soho boutique 'Digitaria' a couple of weeks back!
So here it is...feast your eyesss on the tie dyed, sparkled up creation! Or go pay it a visit in Digitaria!
If you haven't already got your limited edition Scottee T-Shirt, then get them while theyre hot because there are only 100 of the beauties!!!!
Love and Hoovering the Glitter off the floor....

Thursday 6 August 2009

Bitching and Junkfood, innit...

Ooooooohh evening!!!
It's so tropically humid tonight...SCORCHER I say....
SO, anywayzzz....I just wanted to swing on by and tell you all about an awesome site called 'Bitching and Junkfood'....the story goes they are not only a super hot online store bringing the juiciest in 80's and 90's vintage as well as a cheeky selection of one-off corkers...they also host a blog!! Go ch ch check it out: HERE
And if that wasn't can go and read the interview I did with them!!!!
Ok...I'm off to tame the midnight curls caused by these exotic temperatures!!
Love and Coco Pops