Friday 15 July 2011

Alexis Knox on 'New Look Style the Nation!'

Ooooooohhhh Hiya!!!
Fo the past few weeks I've been tuning into Channel 4's 'New Look Style the Nation' to watch superstar stylist, Alexis Knox, gracing our TV screens! With my beans on toast, I've been watching Knoxy in all her glory as a mentor on the show which sees her working with aspiring fashion stylists battling it out on the catwalk.
At the weekend we saw the final episode of the series and Alexis rocked out my striped 'Fish and Chips' printed dress!!! She looked hot to trot and here are a few pics of her wearing my stuff on the show!
Super proud of Knoxy for doing such a glorious job...what will become of Saturday mornings without her throwing out a few 'WOWZERS' on our telly?!?!!!!

Love and Sparkles,

Thursday 14 July 2011

Taipei Times Feature!!!

So last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the 'Taipei Times' for a feature in their style section all about my recent project that I carried out in Taiwan. It talks all about the different elements of my work over there from workshops to the collection, 'My Friend the Mosquito', and about my collaboration with a creative team over in Taipei in putting together the final shoot! The write up also features images from my project with photographer Ching aLittle.
Above is the piece that was in yesterday's paper and if you fancy reading it, you can check out the online version HERE!!!!
Emma xxxx

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Too Many Trinkets and Tokyo Memories!

Ooohhhh Hiya!!!!
Eeeekers so this is the first chance I've had to actually filter through all of the stuff that I brought back from Japan what with the Christmas missing baggage/ snow stranded scenario and then the quick turn around before I whipped off to Taiwan!
The amount of souvenirs that I dragged back is actually outrageous and I'm still going through the extra suitcase that I had to buy purely to pack up all of the excess trinkets!!! On top of that, bits and pieces that I couldn't shoehorn into my cases had to be whacked in a big box which only just recently made its way back from the ship!!!! Japan was a dream come true in terms of shopping and treat collecting and I now have a ridiculous amount of unnecessary stuff that I love!!! Treasures include 5 vintage kimono, a pair of awesome Geta shoes that I had custom made, numerous Bento boxes, 27 pairs of socks, plenty of chopsticks, a bundle of Japanese craft books, accessories, unbelievable amounts of stationary, a hand crafted lantern, 15 puffy animal paper balloons, random materials and work equipment, kitchen stuff, sushi moulds,too many Hello Kitty items, get the idea. Totally ridiculous. Either way I love these bits and pieces!!!
Also while I'm here I thought I would share some pictures from my time in Tokyo as I never got around to that either up until now! As I mentioned during my time in residence over in Japan I went up to Tokyo just before Christmas to work on my photoshoot as well as spend my birthday in the city!!! Fun Times and Tokyo is one of my all time favourite I took about 2000 photos, but I shall spare you the slideshow and just show you a few below.....

Love and Sushi!
Emma xxx

Friday 8 July 2011

Press Updates...

Hello Hellooooo!!!!
So whilst in super productive mode today I have finally got around to updating some recent press features over this past few months... jeeeperssss all this living out of a backpack minus a mobile scanner whilst globetrotting left me with a bit of a mission!!!
So here are a few bits and pieces which include Miseducated (US), Spindle Magazine (UK) and pieces from the Yomiuri Shimbun and Gifu Shimbun (Japan).

In other news it's been a busy past couple of month sees the launch of my new collaboration with the wonderful Helen Rochfort and I've been working on a really fun and colourful freelance project which I will update on soon!!!

Finally....I couldn't not mention this....but, today it was unleashed that Pat Butcher will be leaving Eastenders after about a million years....what a sad day....

Ahhhh life will never be the same without my style icon gracing our screens!!!
Love and Tropical Storms!!!