Friday, 8 July 2011

Press Updates...

Hello Hellooooo!!!!
So whilst in super productive mode today I have finally got around to updating some recent press features over this past few months... jeeeperssss all this living out of a backpack minus a mobile scanner whilst globetrotting left me with a bit of a mission!!!
So here are a few bits and pieces which include Miseducated (US), Spindle Magazine (UK) and pieces from the Yomiuri Shimbun and Gifu Shimbun (Japan).

In other news it's been a busy past couple of month sees the launch of my new collaboration with the wonderful Helen Rochfort and I've been working on a really fun and colourful freelance project which I will update on soon!!!

Finally....I couldn't not mention this....but, today it was unleashed that Pat Butcher will be leaving Eastenders after about a million years....what a sad day....

Ahhhh life will never be the same without my style icon gracing our screens!!!
Love and Tropical Storms!!!

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