Saturday 13 August 2011

Mino Movie & Elevator Jingles!

So one of the guys from the team at the project I did in Japan came across a little movie of the exhibition that I did called 'Let Momo Eat Cake' at the 'Mino Washi
Museum' and kindly shared it with me. It features the series of work that I created during my time there alongside the work of my lovely, fellow artists in residence, Yoko, Kris and Lena. I especially love the cheesy elevator music that accompanies the montage!!! My stuff is at the end so check it out and don't ask me what the subtitles say as I can't speak the lingo!
For those of you that don't know about the project, I basically spent 3 months living in a small town called Mino, in Gifu Prefecture working with the 'Mino Paper Art Village Project'. I produced a collection of work titled 'Colourful Creatures are Often Poisonous' which you can peep at HERE if you like! We did a whole bunch of fun stuff from paper making to lantern workshops and I also exhibited a piece at the annual 'Akari Art Festival'. Iwas living in a real life Buddhist temple at the top of a hill and got involved in all sorts of antics ranging from almost being killed by a wild boar, dancing around in a Peruvian poncho and eating jacket potatoes with chopsticks. It was a weird and wonderful adventure with the chance to meet so many awesome people and I took about a million photos during my time getting down in the countryside!!! I haven't unleashed these pics on here before, so here's some snapshots from my stint in Mino!!!

I miss this place and the days of drinking an everlasting supply of Matcha latte!!!
Love and Sparkles,

Monday 8 August 2011

New Collab at 'Pure London' NOW!!!

Just a quick one for those of you attending Pure London this season! My new collaboration with British handbag designer, Helen Rochfort, has just launched yesterday at the tradeshow, YAYYYY!!!! The new design is called 'Schnitzel Time' and will be available to order from Helen's stand, K65. Exciting stuff!!! The booth is geared around a 'vintage fairground' theme and even comes complete with a 20p-a-go deer ride!!!!LOVE IT!!! So yeah, there's a sneak peak above at the 'Hook a Handbag'...but watch this space for news all about our new collab!!! Also from our previous project, the 'Owl-a-Rama' bag is still up for grabs!!!
Love and Handbags!