Wednesday 30 September 2009

Press from Whirlers Central!

Just a quick's been a super crazy busy couple of days and I have a LOT to tell you....but right now it's stitch-o-clock so feast your eyes on these beauties!!
These are just a couple of the bits of press that I've gathered whilst being in in Clipmedia...the work was used as the advert for the opening of MQ Vienna Fashion Week in 'Falter'...woooo! AWESOME... can check out my interview for AKTE WIEN right HERE!!!!
Alright....I'll be back (Terminator style....but I only like Terminator 2 because Edward Furlong used to be hot...)
Love and Jellytots
Emma xxxx

Monday 28 September 2009


Emma Bell SS10-Preview
Stylist: Alexis Knox
Photographer : Wolfgang Steiner
Make Up: Nadja Hluchovsky
Model : Elisabeth Resch
Fashion Assistant: Marshall Johnson the following morning after SHOWTIMEEEE....we trotted off to embark upon a really exciting collaborative project that I have been soooo excited about!
Thursday morning, hot on the aftermath of Vienna Fashion Week....
we went to a lovely nearby studio where we worked with an AWESOME team on creating my SS10 preview images! Also..see my bag collaboration with Helen Rochfort getting in on the MIX!

Inspiration behind my collection:
Emma Bell SS10 collection concentrates on a fabricated exploration of kaleidoscopic erruption and nostalgic mixed-media combining the traditional craft techniques of quilting, tie dye and embroidery. A collaboration of textile development from knitted yarns to plastics encapsulating the underlying plethora of muses including British boxing, influences taken from involving myself in Austria, hand-dyeing, Victorian Porn and it’s representation of the female form fuelled by the balance of ‘order meets disorder’ taken from the playright ‘Arcadia.’

It was great to work with a talented local team including photographer, hair and make-up and model....oh and even a VERY SPECIAL little dog..(we know I'm scared of dogs...but I love this one!)
Super happy with the images!! Love them!!!

Boob Dog....


ooohhhh iyyya!!! the past few days have been so busy it's finally I am writing to give you an update on what's been going down in WHIRLERS town....
So Wednesday saw my debut at Vienna Fashion Week...which was exciting...
Tuesday night SUPERSTAR stylist and Notion Mag Fashion Editor genius, Alexis Knox, and the wonderful Fashion Assistant Marshall flew in straight from London F
ashion Week to get down with the Austrians and prepare for showtime!
We ate a LOT of cake and pulled an allnighter as we prepared to unleash a preview selection of my SS10 collection as part of my ru
nway show....
You can see a couple of images above there from the show!
A few choice highlights of the day:
  • showtime!!!!! (obviously)
  • experiencing a few RIDICULOUS diva moments (not from our side I might add) of a couple of people who should maybe audition for the next series of Ugly Betty...CRINGE!
  • A creepy dude going in for the grope....
  • Marshall finding a hot new boyfriend.
  • me nearly falling over...AGAIN.
So...was pleased with the response my work got...and it was overall a fun day!
Here's a couple of random-a-rama shots from backst

With Super thanks to Alexis and Marshall...
Gourmet Creepers TUK!
Love and Sparkles
Emma xxxx

Saturday 19 September 2009

Vienna Fashion Week!

Oooooohhh iyyya! show is I'm taking a couple of moments out to spread the word 'innit!
Wednesday is as you can imagine....right now it looks like this....

Wednesday marks both my unleashment of a preview portion of my SS10 collection as well as my debut at Vienna Fashion Week! So whole new ball game all round....after 3 seasons at LFW...and living and working in London for so many years....its an exciting change! And it's weird that I sit sewing looking at big old curly buildings and listening to sick German radio instead of looking down at Catch and listening to someone pissing up against my front door...much as I miss it!
But I can't compare them as they are totally different experiences!
In other news the impending show has meant some serious hours spent burning the midnight oil...and my addiction to energy drinks has returned...I've sampled pretty much ALL the Austrian market has to offer...POWER HORSE, BURN, FULL SPEED....(full speed tastes like SHIT.) and I have to admit none compare to my LOVE OF RELENTLESS....what I would do for a Relentless and THE BOX right now...
So anyway....the show is wednesday at 9pm....a seperate press showcase will be happening at any media to contact the PR...
The show at 9pm is going to be held in the tent at MQ Vienna...and is open for everyone! So come along!
Oohh, the 19th...marks the one year anniversary to the day of my first ever solo show at London Fashion Week!spppoooookkkyyy! back to my sewing and Girls Aloud.....
Love and Relentless

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Japan Media Arts Festival 2009

In need of a break from sewing in the race for my show at Vienna Fashion Week on the 23rd of September....I rocked along to the launch of the "Japan Media Arts Festival" right here in the MQ Vienna!
It was awesome, with various gadgets and gizmos aimed at stimulating the senses....lots of sound orientated delights and pretty lights...lots of fun games....
Aiming to create a cultural exchange between Japan and Austria! Animation, art and was a treat....
The exhibition is running until the 20th in Ovalhalle in Area21, MQ so if you are in Vienna...go have a look!!!
Love and Cupcakes

Thursday 10 September 2009

Up North and CAKE-LET-DOWN....

Yo Yo Yo....
Just wanted to unleash a couple of bits of latest press.....a couple of the newspapers, the Chronicle and the Journal up in Newcastle, where I grew up, wrote all about my stint as Artist in Residence over here in Vienna!! Oh yes...and they talked about my entry into the competition of dreams...which is....

in case I havent gone about about it enough already!!! Voting is super we shall see!
You can read those pieces from yesterday's newspapers in full by going to....

Oh yeah...and the lovely guys at Notion Magazine wrote this...yes please....


Also wanted to tell you about an attempt to sample all of the Viennese cakes possible...I got a new one called "Marzipan Cake"...oh I tell you the anticipation for this one was IMMENSE...i do love a bit of marzipan....But, I have to tell you....THIS CAKE SUCKED!!! DRY.AS.STICKS.....

Love and Crap Cake,
Emma xxxx

Wednesday 9 September 2009

What's been going downnnn.....

Hallo!(Coz' that's what they say here!)
So...thought I would check in with some tra la la...UPDATESS!
I've been in Whirlers Central for a week now...and I am super happy...and I am pleased to have found a hidden gem in Vienna....
My debut at Vienna Fashion Week is a welcome change...and I
'm counting down the days till my show...23rd September!!Woooop!
In between sewing by the window...and gazing at the beautiful view...I have been getting to grips with Whirlers....
There's so much to see and do here....
First talking new favouri
te as we all know I do love a good funfair and a hot gypsy Prater is the most awesome place ever!
It's a big old theme park....some bits are kinda sick and old skool....SUPE
R SICK puppets and clowns...even one that appears to be brandishing a KNIFE!GOSHHHH! They have lots of AMAZING rides and games....and the BEST beer garden that hosts some gourmet Veggie options on the menu!!!
I also rocked the zoo...and visited the beautiful Shonbrunn Palace...which is like a mini Versailles and met some awesome people!!!
I am falling more and more in love with the Museums Quartier everyday, as there's always so many things going on there and it's nice to be based in a complex with so many other fellow creatives!
I have a new neighbour...who is a designer also, from the Netherlands....and she's awesome so we have been going on lots of adventures! You can chec
k out her work....HERE!!!
Leonie is also going to be showing at Vienna Fashion Week!!!

We found the BEST fabric warehouse IN THE WORLD!! Bit of a mission to get to...we ended up lost in the Austrian countryside and blagging free trains....but totally worth it!! Floors of zillions of amazing fabric, trims, zips....and also other random stuff like toilet seats....Christmas Baubels, frying pans and the likes!!
Ok so I'm going to leave you with some pictures of what's been happ
Love and Sparkles


Thursday 3 September 2009

The Collaboration of DREAMZZZ!

I'm finally unleashing a super exciting project that I have had under my hat for a while now!
I recently teamed up to work on a beaut of a collaboration with amazing handbag designer, Helen Rochfort! I have LOVED Helen's work for a few years now, so it's so great that we now have the chance to work together!
You can see the results of this awesome project above!!!
I got to design 3 bags and it was so much fun!!!
I'll keep you in the loop of stockists etc so you can get your mitts on a cheeky bag!
Anyone hitting up Pret A Porter tradeshow in Paris this week can go visit Helen's stand in the Shibuya section and see them in all their sparkling, rainbow glory and all of her other amazing wares!!!
In the mean time....go visit her website and online store....
Or...if you are in the Hitchin area you can go pay a visit to her adorable real life boutique!!!
Helen Rochfort
52 Bancroft
TEL:01462 616174

Toodle Pip London....HELLO VIENNA!!! WOOP!

Museums Quartier Vienna....My new house!!!
Guten Taggggg!
So I have touched down in Whirlers, as I like to call it! AND I LOVE IT!!!
Moved into my new live/work studio which sits bang in the middle of the Museums Quartier where all the action is happening!!!
It's basically a complex of musuems, galleries, showrooms, boutique
s, cafes with a massive social scene going on in the court yards.
So the new studio is a concept build designed by Heimo Zobernig and it's 53 square metres of DREAMSSSS!ha ha!
It has a cube in the middle with all weird slidey doors and houses the kitchen, bathroom, storage etc!
And I was excited when I arrived to see that my work is on posters and this months MQ art plan in the run up to Vienna Fashion Week!!! WOOOP!!
So I'm going to show you some pics I took of my new studio....

And now for my gourmet custard bathroom....

This is what caused the excitement....oh and the view from my window!

So then I went to pick up groceries and did a bit of exploring the city...some photos to feast your eyes on....

Really excited about getting to live and work in Vienna for a bit and be Artist in's such a beautiful city....and it's amazing to get to base myself in the middle of such a huge creative environment! My show at Vienna Fashion Week is on 23rd September wooooo!!!EXCITED!!!! And my sewing machines will bere here later today!!!YAYYY!
So prior to flying out here this week...I said my farewells to Londo style....involving Alcopops in a park...CLASSY! And also my friend Gui moved back to Brazil FOREVER....NOOOOOOO!!!! Here's what went down at the weekend....

OOoooh that was a long post!!!!
I'll leave you with one thing....just to be annoying as I keep going on about it!!
BUT if you haven't already VOTED for me in the British Airways Great Britons Scheme...pleassseee rock down there NOW!!!!
Love and Viennese Whirls