Tuesday 31 March 2009

Emma Bell-Look Book AW09!!!

OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooohhh IIIIIiiyaaaa!!!
So...as promised...here are the images of dreams from my look book shoot last week! AW09 in all is sparkling glory!!!I was sooo excited to see the pictures and even more excited when I actually saw them...because I loved them so much....amost as much as I love glitter and Take That!!!
So...I wont ramble on....

Have a look!!!

Stylist: Alexis Knox
Photographer: Thom Will
Hair Director: Charlie Le Mindu
Make-Up: Michelle Webb
Models: Rachel and Gui
Love and Photo-a-rama and Custard Creams,

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Magical Project....Designers Against Aids!!!

Afternoon Twinkletoes!
So once again I've been keeping a very special project under my hat......
I have recently become involved with an amazing charity called "Designers Against Aids" (DAA) which is actively working since 2004 to raise Aids awareness through media platforms worldwide by teaming up with designers and celebrities...
I am 100% honoured to say I am part of this project and have been working on creating some extra special print designs for garment that you will be able to get your mitts on SUPER PRONTO!
DAA have worked in bringing a special collection called "Fashion Against Aids" with H&M as well as collaborating with hot designers and celebs including Rhianna, Gareth Pugh, Scissor Sisters, Bernhard Willhelm, Dita Von Teese, Jeremy Scott and Katharine Hamnett....amongst others!!!Wooo! So I'm incredibly excited to be on board and look forward to unleashing my super special designs!!!
OOOh also...they just released this fantastic DAA video clip starring the amazing New York performer
André J and cover star of French Vogue....ch ch check it out!!!
It's awesome to the MAXXXX!!!!

So I shall leave you with that and let you get excited to see future updates!!!
Check out the project...it's truly amazing.....
Love and Umbrella Time (ergh the rain outside is so vile!)


Jeez....it is FREEZING....I put the heating on and it's too hot...I turn the heating off and it's proper chills-ville....you just cant win and there is a mystical draft that I can't decipher the origins of...ergh I don't like it!

So, anywayzzz....last night we shot my lookbook in the amazing gallery space at Beach Blanket Babylon!!Super exciting!
It was actually the first time since my show that I have properly seen the collection all together...things have been pretty crazy sin
ce Fashion Week, so when the pieces haven't been zipped up nicely in garment bags, they have been out and about at various different shoots or taken out of my hands...so it was nice to get down to creating some amazing images without the mayhem of being backstage at the show!
This particular photoshoot was actually one of the favourite ones I have ever done as it was TOTALLY cheap laughs akimbo....and I LOVED it!
We had a truely awesome team....MASSIVO thanks to Thom Will who unleashed some photo magical unicorn powers....Superstar Puffy stylist Alexis Knox....Michelle Webb for churning out some GOURMET make-up....Charlie Le Mindu AKA Toodle-Pip for creating CORKER hair in true "STREMFROM
S" style (yes, it's his favourite word and replaces the word "Strepsil") ....the super HOT models Rachel and Gui who rocked the Emma Bell threads and looked 1 million% AMAZING and of course the sexy Katie and Hayley who helped us!!!

Gui and Rachel...
Yes...I cracked out some pictures as I knew the anticipation would be too much in waiting to clap your eyes on the real shots!!wooo! I'm not impressed that they're kind of fuzzy and I really hope that my camera is not on it's way out as It's covered in pretty pink rhinestones so I love it....

This is one of my all time favourite photos of Charlie and Gui...ever....it makes me laugh soooo much!!! I don't think this picture would look out of place on a channel 4 documentary.....
Yeah...there were some pretty SICK, skanky bagels thrown into the mix...I don't' understand why the vegetarian option always
equates to a bit of dirty cheese and brown lettuce....nice....

And of course, as ever....some shapes were thrown...

Yep...so it was hot and I'm soooo incredibly excited to see the finished pictures...so watch this space and all shall be unleashed EL PRONTO!!!
Love and Potatoes,

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Ooooooh the Notion bash was hot!!!!!!!!

ooooooooooooooooohhhh iiiiya!
So, as you know, I'm a big
fan of Notion magazine....I think it's a beaut....especially now that the lovely Alexis Knox has whipped in and become fashion editor!woooo WELL DONE KNOXY!
So Friday evening saw the launch of issue 38 with guest Esser...it was a right old shindig!I have been revelling in hermitville for the past few months so I was up for the unleashment! Also...when I spotted my ever favourite, "RELENTLESS" were sponsoring the bash....I was even more excited!!!!

Imagine my delight when....get this....I made the amazing discovery that there is actually a 4TH VARIETY?!?!As if?!!?I mean...as if Inferno wasn't the pinnacle discovery...there is actually another flavour of the "Juiced" version.....BERRY FLAVOUR! Yes please! It was EXQUISITE....I was hysterical!!! It has also pipped the "Tropical Juiced" to the post in terms of being my favourite!! It was scrumptious!!!

Yes...It was quite an extravaganza with Esser even abandoning the stage and whipping out an impromptu sesh throwing out the beats AL FRESCO!!!

oooh knoxy rocking the emma bell aw09!
Yes....it was quite the affair!!! Charlie also dyed my hair blue for the occasion....I loved it!

Oooh lovely....my two favourite things in life...."That's Life" AND Lambrini!!!
Errrmmmm so yeah....and the evening kind of began like this...so I'm sure you can imagine how it ended......

Love and Lambrini and stuff,
Emma xxxx

Friday 13 March 2009

The Big Grand Build-up....

So...what really went on in the months leading up to the unleashmen
t of the collection!!!
I'm dedicating this one to Emma Box- who was my right hand man/woman in the run up to the show so really got to witness the majority of the ridiculousness....
Obviously there was many a ludicrous event....where to start...where to start....
As you can imagine there was very little sleep going on.....many nights there was none at all....it wasn't pretty...so to battle this we
development an un-natural obsession with energy products....

Yes...the cans built up...and started to take over the room. Then...imagine my delight when I discovered that the shop around the corner stocks Thai Red Bull...now I was kind of excited in hopes of a re-run of my pre-Xmas antics in Bangkok...then again...the thought of being sick 8 times...being caught in the chaos of a street brawl...and throwing some shapes to the sound of Thai reggae with a sick-but-fit boy called Michael from Islington in tow....really wasn't going to cut the mustard in terms of getting the work done!!!
Then one day...after branching out to Somerfield as Tescos sarnies were getting boring....we found.....

YES....instant energy strips...YES PLEASE....although they weren't too amazing....
So we stuck to the Relentless...and lots of it...it's the BEST thing ever. There's a shop downstairs and we like to call the dudes Sunbeam and Gnome..
.Sunbeam is my favourite as he is more up for the cheap laughs....Gnome just isn't buying into it!
They must have been clapping their hands at us trotting down several times a day to clear their shelves of Relentless....we were so excited when one morning we popped in for supplies to see they had got another variety in espe
cially for us...RELENTLESS JUICED....yes please! I definitely saw Sunbeam have a cheap smirk as I squealed with delight upon spotting this treat....only the day before had we hit up Wikipedia to discover this variety...and also learn of the myth that is Relentless Inferno.....

Another addiction accompanied all of the sewing and Relentless drinking....jam donuts from Tescos...YUM...although it wasn't so pleasant when Emma found a bit of plastic in hers (or maybe a magical piece of unicorn's horn...)at 35p a pop, you can't really complain!

This photo depicts one of my most favourite frolics of the creation of AW09.....
So....I got this really "special" mug for Christmas (my brother got the same one...bet he still has his...booo)....seeing as the door would be ringing 24/7...the trips up and down the stairs were getting out of hand....so we developed a special technique which involved the keys being lowered down on a piece of bright pink wool....to the onlooker it must have looked ludicrous.
On one particular day the wool got tangled so it was becoming a bit of a farce to wrestle the keys down to the receiver.....in the tussle MY FAVOURITE MUG took a full G FORCE tumble out of the window nearly taking out half of the road and the pedestrians.....I actually nearly killed Emma Box. It was a full blown spectacle....everyone on the bus was copping a spy...people on the other side of the road stopped to watch...there was an audience that a really shit matinee would be proud of.
In the melee, a load of chunks of ceramic had cascaded into the shop downstairs so poor old Sunbeam must have got a proper fright....he came outside kicking all the pieces back out into the street and started to laugh as he grappled for the still dangling keys....I'm glad it wasn't me trying to get the keys...the shame!
So anyway..you get the gist....for all the hard work...there was equally enough ridiculous moments....
Needless to say there was also a lot of sewing...blanket stitching and listening to Britney going!!!
Love and Flying Mugs (not saucers.)

Behind the Scenes!!!

Hello Hello Hello Hello.....
So, as you can imagine a lot of hard work and action went down backstage prior to SHOWTIME!!!
Michael Williamson made this awesome documentary.....take a SQUIZZZZ at this:

And thats that!!!
Love and I just had some hot chocolate,

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Emma In Wonderland....

Get it??? Like Alice in Wonderland???Emma in Wonderland....errrmmm whatever!
So anyway.....
I have been collaborating with
'WhiteKat', a safe sex awareness charity, and NHS Westminster at London Fashion Week to promote Chlamydia testing....to raise awareness they came backstage at my show to spread the word and give people the opportunity to be tested!
Wonderland Magazine wrote all about it....
check it out!

Love and Mad Hatter's Tea Parties,
Emma xxxx

Monday 9 March 2009

Megabus or Busy Bus?!!!

image: Roberto Neumiller
All aboard!!!!
I just had to share this image as it's so incredible! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it...so much so it shall be going on my wall!
I spotted it yesterday in a piece about migrant workers rocking home from Libya...these dudes spend up to 3 weeks travelling like this! That's one hell of a commute and imagine it in scorching sunshine...I take my hat off to these guys...100%!
When I think of the amount of moaning I've witnessed on transport...not to mention my own....I'll shut up from now on, I realise I didn't have it so bad...
At the same time I do have a few tales to tell as a result of spending a LOT of time on buses and trains.....
a few choice escapades....
1)throwing up out of a bus window in India whilst Hindi music was playing on repeat for around 19 hours...nice.

2)Getting caught up in the middle of a punch-up between a bloke and some woman on the train from London to Newcastle....

3)Feeling a sneaky hand worm it's way under my blanket on an overnight bus in Thailand....yes the guy was trying to steal my possessions...and yes I was also faking sleep so that no-one would attempt to sit next too me...so I clocked him.Sadly other people didn't. He toddled off with a lot of Baht in his pocket.

4) The drama of someone trying to be dragged out of the toilet window as a result of locking and wedging herself into the toilet en route to Bristol! A personal favourite!

5)Having to use the toilet after some foul guy came out smirking after a half an hour stint in there declaring "I drank a lot of Guinness last night"...I was then treated to the spectacle and aroma of a toilet full to the brim with BLACK SHIT. Oooh Lovely!
And with that I bid you farewell...makes the Megabus look like 5 star travelling luxury...
Emma xxxx

Saturday 7 March 2009

The Vice Squad....YES PLEASE!

Salut twinkletoes!!
I was very excited to meet the Vice guys at my show...who were really lovely...and wrote nice stuff about me!!!
oooh quote:
"We just saw the best show of the week"
Anyway....check out how the convo went...despite me sounding a bit of a DUMBASS!!!eeek I blame "Relentless" withdrawl and post show shellshock!!ha ha ha!
Vice: Hi Emma, that was the best show we’ve seen, congratulations!
Emma Bell: Thanks!
What was up with that guy in a bear costume at the beginning?
Actually it was a dog.
Oh.That was the theme of the show – dogs. There were pictures of dogs projected on screens, and dogs on all the clothes, the guy sang “Dog in the Window” –

it was an anti animal cruelty theme.
Oh cool, now those two live dogs on stage make total sense. To be fair I haven’t seen any of your previous collections, how does this one compare?
It’s more serious.
More serious? You had Jodie Harsh and the twins from Big Brother and live dogs and people hollering at the models.
Yeah, but this time the girls wore heels.
I see.
Eeeek and appologies for the lack of seats....looking back on photos of the crowd it seems a few jokers slipped through the net and nabbed all the seats...cheeky monkeys!!!

Love and I'd love a Croissant..right now...

Press and That.....

Oooohhh IIIYYYA!!!

I recently was asked to write a short trend prediction piece for "The Journal"....oooh check it out!

Also I would like to thank Liz Lamb from NCJMedia who came down from the North East over fashion week and also interviewed me backstage at my show....she whipped out a great write -up which was printed in my local paper back up home last week! I especially like the bit in which I announce that I had thrown up twice!!ha ha ha!!!

Here it is!!!

Love and Toodle Pipsssssssssssss

Tuesday 3 March 2009

I want a Piglet....

I just had to post this relatively pointless post...but I have discovered these Pennywell piglets and I have fallen in love with them.....
They're amazing....
I want one or maybe 3!!!

Love and baby pigs,
Emma xxx

Monday 2 March 2009


Ooohhhhh IYYYYAAA!!!!
Here it is....full video footage of my catwalk show last Tuesday at London Fashion Week!!!woooo exciting!!!I was so incredibly excited to have a peep at this one....the closest I got to seeing the show was on a monitor backstage amongst the mayhem...dogs...glitter flying everywhere.....so It was nice to kick back with some popcorn and watch it!
HUGGGEE thanks to Michael Williamson who shot and edited this!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANNNDDD....CH CH CHeck the AMAZING track produced by WARBOY....It's the best thing since sliced bread I tell you....I especially like the PJ and Duncan sneaking in there....HOT!!!

Love and Moviezzzz
Emma xxx

Sunday 1 March 2009


photos:Thom Will-megamegamega.com

YO YO YO.....
So I wanted to write a blog especially on this...as I wanted to say a big THANKS...to the very special guests that graced the catwalk in all of their sparkling glory for me this season!!!!
The amazing Jodie Harsh rocked it in a glitter encrusted skirt teamed with a metallic quilted jacket with woven epaulets...looking SUPER HOT!!!
AND....if that wasn't enough the lovely Sam and Amanda Marchant, Big Brother Starlets, took to the catwalk in pixellated banana patterned knitwear...
.with two little dogs called Louis and Daisy in tow!!!
oooooooooooooooh what a treat!!!
Feast your eyes on some cheeky snaps!!!

photos:alex cornes-www.acornphotos.co.uk

photos:www.acornphotos.co.uk. photo right:billabaldwin.com

And with that I'm off to sleep.......ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz....as it's super late and I want to go to the seaside tomorrow.....
Love and Sweet Dreamzzz,
Emma xxxxx