Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Saluttttt!!!! is FREEZING....I put the heating on and it's too hot...I turn the heating off and it's proper just cant win and there is a mystical draft that I can't decipher the origins of...ergh I don't like it!

So, anywayzzz....last night we shot my lookbook in the amazing gallery space at Beach Blanket Babylon!!Super exciting!
It was actually the first time since my show that I have properly seen the collection all together...things have been pretty crazy sin
ce Fashion Week, so when the pieces haven't been zipped up nicely in garment bags, they have been out and about at various different shoots or taken out of my it was nice to get down to creating some amazing images without the mayhem of being backstage at the show!
This particular photoshoot was actually one of the favourite ones I have ever done as it was TOTALLY cheap laughs akimbo....and I LOVED it!
We had a truely awesome team....MASSIVO thanks to Thom Will who unleashed some photo magical unicorn powers....Superstar Puffy stylist Alexis Knox....Michelle Webb for churning out some GOURMET make-up....Charlie Le Mindu AKA Toodle-Pip for creating CORKER hair in true "STREMFROM
S" style (yes, it's his favourite word and replaces the word "Strepsil") ....the super HOT models Rachel and Gui who rocked the Emma Bell threads and looked 1 million% AMAZING and of course the sexy Katie and Hayley who helped us!!!

Gui and Rachel...
Yes...I cracked out some pictures as I knew the anticipation would be too much in waiting to clap your eyes on the real shots!!wooo! I'm not impressed that they're kind of fuzzy and I really hope that my camera is not on it's way out as It's covered in pretty pink rhinestones so I love it....

This is one of my all time favourite photos of Charlie and makes me laugh soooo much!!! I don't think this picture would look out of place on a channel 4 documentary.....
Yeah...there were some pretty SICK, skanky bagels thrown into the mix...I don't' understand why the vegetarian option always
equates to a bit of dirty cheese and brown lettuce....nice....

And of course, as ever....some shapes were thrown... it was hot and I'm soooo incredibly excited to see the finished watch this space and all shall be unleashed EL PRONTO!!!
Love and Potatoes,

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I want to see them now! NOWWWW
plus itll make a lovely post on my blog :D

i'm selfish.