Tuesday 28 July 2009

One Size Fits All at DIGITARIA....

image by Paul Joyce (i love it by the way)

So, I've just taken the skin off my knuckle in the process of making this delight....so I'm taking a recovery break to write this and tell you all about this special project!

One of my favourite people, Scottee (ooh what a lovely boy) has been commissioned to create some special LIMITED EDITION t-shirts for super hot Soho boutique of dreamsss DIGITARIA! WOOO.....theres only 100...EXCLUSIVO!

Set to unleash this Friday at a cheeky launch bash in store....From August 2009 you can go and buy these beauties in the London and Athens DIGITARIA stores...so don't be tight...go and whip one in!

So anyway....Scottee picked three of his favourite designers, moi, NOKI and Lee Benjamin to create some special extravaganzas with the T-Shirts!Ooohhh very exciting....!
So that's what I'm doing right now.Yes, I have dyed my hands as I'd used the Marigolds to feed the cat with because I don't eat meat....and yes my knuckle is bleeding a river of red rubies.
Go and check out....
Love and my finger hurts,

British Airways Great Britons!

Ooohhhhh Konnichiwa!!!
So British Airways have launched an awesome programme that supports sport, creative and community innovation talent! It gives the opportunity for rising stars to win the opportunity to go to their chosen location worldwide so that they can progress in their field!
Please check out my entry!!! I picked to go to Tokyo so I can unleash some fashion extravaganzas over there, so FINGERS CROSSED, it would be super amazing!
Click here to see my entry!
Please Please Please rate me to help, I would realllllllyyy appreciate it millions!!!!
You will have to register to rate, which only involves giving your email and name!!!!
Love and Sayonara
Emma xxxxx

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Stitches of Tibet!

Ok, so just wanted to share this awesome organisation that I visited a couple of years ago when I went travelling around India! We trotted around Northern India hitting Rajasthan and the likes and it was amazing...yep and the Taj Mahal was a beaut...

So we spent the majority of our time in India backpacking around a bunch of towns and villages up in the Himalayas and caught wind of this amazing initiative called "Stitches of Tibet" up in Dharamsala, round the corner from the Dalai Lama's house!

'Stitches of Tibet' is a programme that aims to teach Tibetan women living in exile, tailoring and handicraft techniques so that they can utilise these skills to make a living and re-build their lives following escape from Tibet.
Dharamsala/ McLeod Ganj hosts a huge Tibetan community of men, women and children who have trekked for a month to flee their home country and seek refuge. Stitches of Tibet offers a programme that not only teaches unskilled women handicrafts and how to make clothes but also teaches the
m maths and English.

I just wanted to let you in on this place as it's a truly inspirati
onal project and I say massive HI-FIVE to the TWA (Tibetan Women's Association) who have created this incredible opportunity for their students.

As you can see above...when I visited their workshop I bought myself a "Chupa" which is a traditional Tibetan garment...it's pretty great and I might allow it to re-surface (in an attempt to dye my hair baby pink this morning, I have ended up with locks that resemble a similar shade to said garment...) I would like to apologise for the fact I am also wearing HORRIFIC combat pants in the photo...but come on, I had to get RUSTIC...also, appreciate the most amazing cake I have ever experienced!
So I will leave you with a few of my favourite pictures from the trip...

Love and Chupas!

Tuesday 14 July 2009

When Cupcakes Go Wrong...

Oohh iyya!
So, being summer and all, a picnic was on the cards....I clocked onto some "burger" cupcakes recently, whilst indulging in a google-a-thon, so thought I would attempt to churn some of these bad-boys out....
As you can see, they didn't quite go to plan! What a mess....I thought I could execute these with panache instead they looked SICK. As if happened
, it pissed it down with rain and the picnic was cancelled....they did taste GOURMET though!

In other news....I went to Edinburgh which was lovely! It had been years since I'd rocked some Scottish delights, so it was fun! I was especially excited that the National Gallery up there hosts my FAVOURITE ever painting in the world....Rubens' 'Feast of Herod'...I first spotted it when I was 16 on a school trip and Rubens has been my favourite artist since!

Also to report...I jumped for joy when I finally found Rainbow Tapioca Pearls in the shop!!! That means I can make my very own Bubble Tea!!Wooo! I'd like to add, it is a bit of a chore....so I might just whack the kettle on for a Tetleys in future!
Love and Sago Pudding!

Thursday 9 July 2009

Puma (Not an animal, a shoe.)

Ooooohhh iyyyya!!!!!
So last month I co-styled a shoot with Alexis Knox Puffytropsss for the new PUMA L.I.F.T Racer, sneaker of dreamzzz....you can cop a juicy spy of this bad boy in Notion issue 40....
It was a particularly tropical day in which the dude in the corner shop once again moaned about a phantom flood...and I was excited to have Emma
Box AKA "THE BOX" helping me....no energy drinks, mug smashing or Gnome appreciation today however....
Ch Ch Check out the shoot above!!!!

Art Direction: Liam Gleeson
Photography: Mark Cant
Styling: Emma Bell & Alexis Knox
Models: Slinky and Kayt
Hair and Make-up: Svetlana Sorokina
What else to report??? I h
ave a new hair colour....it's purple....or more My Little Pony Lilac...anyway, I like it.

Being summer and all, me and my chum Dicko hit the fairground....always a treat and good opportunity to spy on sick but hot dirty gypsy boys...YES PLEASE! I agonisingly put my back out on a ridiculous ride , fell in love with a chav spinning the waltzers and went to see a fortune teller called Shirley....Guess what? She mystically guessed that my favourite colour is pink...(hmmm NO WAY!) oh yes, and she also told me "You like the bottle but, you know when to put the glass down!"
Love and Unicorns,
Emma xxxx

Read All About it!!! (said in the voice of the dudes that sell newspapers....)

Yo Yo Yo.......
So the latest issue of Notion is now gracing the shelves of Borders and the likes....AND they ran a 2 page feature on Designers Against Aids and the NYC Against HIV event that I was involved with back in May!!! WOOOO exciting!
I was extra excited as I got to write the piece for them which was awesome!!!
Ooh yes and I got to have a special bit of spiel in the contributors bit in which I rambled on about my days starring in Byker Grove, having a bad perm and wearing tracksuits!!! Ch Ch Check it out!!!
Emma xxxx

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Hipster's Handbook 'innit

Hi There Hi There Hi There!!!
So, thought you would like to get your chops around this and check out the latest beaut courtesy of the current issue of Notion's special supplement, The Hipster Handbook.....You can see my men's shirt from my AW09 collection IN DA MIXXX there...

And that's me there when I'm sporting my Hello Kitty disguise and writing this blog....

Love and a million phantasmagorical dancing unicorns!!!