Wednesday 22 July 2009

Stitches of Tibet!

Ok, so just wanted to share this awesome organisation that I visited a couple of years ago when I went travelling around India! We trotted around Northern India hitting Rajasthan and the likes and it was amazing...yep and the Taj Mahal was a beaut...

So we spent the majority of our time in India backpacking around a bunch of towns and villages up in the Himalayas and caught wind of this amazing initiative called "Stitches of Tibet" up in Dharamsala, round the corner from the Dalai Lama's house!

'Stitches of Tibet' is a programme that aims to teach Tibetan women living in exile, tailoring and handicraft techniques so that they can utilise these skills to make a living and re-build their lives following escape from Tibet.
Dharamsala/ McLeod Ganj hosts a huge Tibetan community of men, women and children who have trekked for a month to flee their home country and seek refuge. Stitches of Tibet offers a programme that not only teaches unskilled women handicrafts and how to make clothes but also teaches the
m maths and English.

I just wanted to let you in on this place as it's a truly inspirati
onal project and I say massive HI-FIVE to the TWA (Tibetan Women's Association) who have created this incredible opportunity for their students.

As you can see above...when I visited their workshop I bought myself a "Chupa" which is a traditional Tibetan's pretty great and I might allow it to re-surface (in an attempt to dye my hair baby pink this morning, I have ended up with locks that resemble a similar shade to said garment...) I would like to apologise for the fact I am also wearing HORRIFIC combat pants in the photo...but come on, I had to get RUSTIC...also, appreciate the most amazing cake I have ever experienced!
So I will leave you with a few of my favourite pictures from the trip...

Love and Chupas!

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Anonymous said...

I was living too some mounths in India. Specially in Manally. There is a picture from the marquet there isnt? :D

I was in India to produce my first collection there, with a little ong. Really I love the colors from India and people there..