Thursday 29 October 2009

Die Presse Interview!

Afternoon twinkletoes!!!
Jeepers....It is so cold and I am turning into a snowman. However, I went for a lovely lunch today so that has set me up for a hardcore work session to the sounds of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack! Only I do not have Hungry Eyes because I ate a lot of Halloumi!
Anyway, I just got the PDFs from my interview in Die Presse which is one of the largest and oldest daily Austrian newspapers running since the 1940's. Wowzers! Awaiting the nice juicy real copies which I can't wait to see!

Ok..bit of a backtrack this is old, old,old news but I realised I haven't posted this before...anyway, this is a nice little piece on Style Bubble from forever ago featuring my Buffet Dress! I LOVE Susie's I super appreciate this little mention!

Love and Toodlepipsssssss!!!
Emma xxxxxxx

Wednesday 28 October 2009

10 Festival Austria and other Delights!

OOOOH iyaaa!
Just a quick one as I am on a roll with the sewing machine and also lunchtime is calling....but, thought I would show you this little sneak peak from a shoot by photographer Michele Pauty
In preparation for the wonderful 10 Festival which represents fashion and photography my garments were used in a photoshoot! I can't show you the images as they are top secret but here is a little sample at what went down at Michele's new studio! See the lovely Alex above sporting a piece from my SS10 Collection.

In other news my overseas antics meant that I was not in London for the comeback of 'Circus'....I was sobbing into my pillow!!!
I wish I could have been there...but, I wasn't, I was eating strudel and being all Viennese instead! But my jacket was there in my place worn by the lovely Jodie's like I was mystically there in fabric form...woo spooky!
Ok...that's all folks!
Love and Thermal Socks,

Saturday 24 October 2009


Hello Hello Hello!!!! So this little update comes as a juicy double whammy! Not only is electropop sensation, Annie, (who I am HUGE fan of) wearing a bit of Emma is ALSO featured on the cover of issue 42 of Notion! She is awesome so I was super happy to see her sporting the quilted blue playsuit from my SS09 collection! Also featured in the shoot is my pearlescent pink bomber jacket in all it's twinkly, unicorn glory!
And as ever, this issue of Notion is looking HOTTT! So get yourself down to WHSmiths and the likes and bag yourself a copy!

Go check out her stuff HERE!!!
Emma xxx

Friday 23 October 2009

Nice Gifts and Pebelle!

I have been a huge fan of the work of Pebelle for quite some time, so couldn't believe my luck when I realised that the lovely brand was based in Vienna! Always one for a collaboration, I am very excited to be working with the lovely director, Petra, on a special project in tying with my recently unleashed SS10 collection!
She specialises in beautiful hand dyeing techniques and creates some incredible shapes and patterns! There is some really unusual effects going on, usually only possible by high tech digital printing....but everything is created meticulously by hand!!! You can check out a link to her online store right HERE!
Love her stuff and was super excited that she made a scrumptious pair of leggings! Wooo! You can see my special Pebelle leggings above, the lovely purple ones on the left!!!! I love them! Also see a couple of examples of her work there!!!
Love and Lunchtime!

An Energy Revolution!!!

This was an update that could not be missed! In keeping with my obsession with energy products, this week I experienced a whole new revolution...
Remember when we discovered the energy strips, 24/7? Well, words can not describe my excitement when I caught onto a whole new genre....powder form!
This week I was given Blue Elph to try out!!!
It all looks kind of suspicious, capsules and a tube all wrapped in a shiny sugar sachet type packet!
What a find-essentially guarana and caffeine infused sherbert but I like the novelty factor!!!!
Check out their website:
Love and Blue Elph!
Emma xxxx

Monday 19 October 2009

Indie Magazine!

Guten Tag!!!!
Brrrrrrrrrrr it's chilly...but, I have some nice, new, sick 'fleece wear' to stop me from getting chilblains...(I don't 100% even know what chilblains are...I just remember a boy at school called Alan always complained of them so he never had to do P.E!)
I finally had the chance to meet up with the lovely Claudia, Fashion Editor of the super-glossy, amazing Indie magazine!!!
With international circulation, it is produced here in Vienna and it's a really nice magazine-all shiny and action packed with hot fashion shizzle and the you should go buy a copy wherever in the world you may be!
This issue was celebrating all things British with features on a handfull of juicy designers and creatives back in the UK....
I did an interview with them on the eve of my "Austrian Flirtation" ,as it has been it was nice to finally get a hold of a copy and meet Claudia from the team!!!
You can check out my feature in issue 24-The Autumn Edition!
Love and Indie Magazineeeeeeee
Emma xxxx

Day of Death and other Exploits...

Ooh iya!
So ever since my first foray into Pere Lachaise in Paris when I was 15...I have liked visiting cemeterys allllll over the world...and I always try to whip in to a one when I'm in a different country...

My most memorable cemetery/death orientated fiascos involve....
  • Getting lost in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn...NEAR CLOSING TIME!
  • Standing in line to see Chairman Mao's corpse in Beijing whilst thinking I'd just been robbed of all my worldly possessions by a guy dressed up in a fake police uniform!
  • Getting caught up in a funeral procession in Delhi where they carried the body through the street....I was simply trying to haggle for trinkets at a side stall when we became embroilled.
  • THE WORST...St John in the Wilderness Church in Dharamsala....we waded in through a hole in a gate....were having a nice look around when 2 BIG/HUGE/MASSIVE/GINGER baboon/monkey creatures appeared...we pegged it pronto....this was the best picture I could get of the incident for fear of getting ripped apart.....

So anyway...back to Whirlers....Hayley was here to visit so we first went to see the Catacombs underneath Stephansdom Cathedral...I will NOT be going back....
I'd first terrified myself by reading some reviews online which stated they were pretty hardcore and you were literally stepping on bones with your shoes....
therefore....when we went on the underground tour, I was constantly waiting for it to get worse. I mean it was super dark and scary...and I have had n
ightmares since of skeletons and the likes...but these other people exaggerated!
A worthwhile trip for only 4.50 Euros....but be warned...DARKENED
UNDERGROUND PASSAGEWAYS AND BONES GALORE... photos....STRICTLY FORBIDDEN for obvious reasons of respecting the dead and all that jazz....although if you google it there have been some renegade snappers out there!

Our next port of call was to Zentrafriedhof in Simmering which is one of Europe's largest cemeteries....divided into 4 sections....It was pretty impressive and soooo could easily get lost, especially in the Sleepy Hollow style section. Lots of famous composers are buried there...Beethoven, Mozart (well he's not really there...only his headstone is) Strauss... It was FREEZING. (it then snowed the next day...)
Anyway back to nicer topics other than Six Feet Under (which is my all time favourite TV series as Peter Krause is SOOOO HOTTT..and it's amazing.... was also party times AKIMBO....and we threw a 9
0's themed bash followed by "Pling Plong" club at Fluc...which was awesome...
Some choice photos for your perusal....

In other news.....
Finally upon recommendation we hit "CAFE CORNY" was like an Austrian Social club....we got to play games involving hammers and nails taught to us by nice local boys wearing corduroy and suede...we got cake too as we totally gatecrashed someone's Birthday Party...

Over and out....
Love and Schnitzel,

Thursday 15 October 2009

Oooh the Cover of FALTER!

Gruss Gott...(that's what they say here....for 6 weeks I've thought people are shouting "BISCUIT" at me!!!)
Would you believe, here in Whirlers's SNOWING!!!I'm here with a super limited wardrobe...and I am FREEZING!
Anyway...I was excited that my work was featured on the front cover of "Falter" which is one of the hottest weekly publications here in Vienna! Wooo! You can see it above there!
In other may or may not have noticed that my website has received a much needed revamp recently.....all by the wonderful skills of Will Adams...
You can check his shizzle too by CLICKING HERE!!!
It's still in the process of being updated but you can go and see all previous collections etc on there! GO AND HAVE A LOOK
Love and DINNERTIME!!!
Emma xxxxxx

Sunday 11 October 2009

Sunday Times-Style in the City!

Oooooohhh iyyyya!
The Sunday Times presented "Style in the City" in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago! Last year's event saw 10,000 people flocking to the city to get in on the fashion action!! Wowzers!
This year visitors could get involved in a string of fashion and beauty events and it was hosted by celebs including Myleene Klass and Emma Willis!(I love Myleene...I still have my Hear Say album!)
Catwalk shows...make-up treatments.....oooh WHAT A TREAT! Sponsors included; MAC, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, M&S....a real JUICY selection!
My clothes were shown as part of the catwalk shows! How exciting!You can see a sneak peek picture above!
Love and Biscuits


Guten Tag!!!
So my friend Hayley is here to visit....we took some time out to go visit Bratislava....
I was sooooo excited! Ever since watching Eurotrip (like 50 times) I've wanted to go....The heel slashing incident in 'Hostel' however did put me off! (it also meant I couldn't walk properly for a week for thinking about it and cringing!)
I was expecting to hear MC HAMMER on every corner....sadly this was not the case! But I LOVED Bratislava...Slovakia rules...we had such an awesome time...and ate some really great food and walked for miles to see special churches and castles! I also nearly tripped over about a million times....damn cobbles!
I was also excited to find a Tescos in Bratislava...selling Tesco Value and EVERYTHING!
i'm going to leave you with a few hot pictures of our very own Eurotrip....

Ok...that's it....
Over and out....
Love and Miami Vice
oooh and once last thing...
here is my favourite Bratislava scene from Eurotrip.....

Saturday 10 October 2009

Long Night at the Museum.........

Oooh helloooo!
Ok so just a quick one...I just got back to Vienna from a trip to Slovakia! I have my friend Hayley visiting and we went to was awesome and no
w I'm super sleepy...but just wanted to show you these pics and tell you the tale of last week's events!
Last weekend saw me hosting my first WHIRLERS style house gathering....more civilised from previous soirées as no cans of K Cider were involved...
Then on Saturday we went along to the extravaganza that was 'Lange Nacht Der Museen' which a squillion galleries all over the city were open for a late night special!
Sooo much fun! We were a bit too over ambitious....we planned
to hit all the weird ones with our pass that we wouldnt otherwise go to....
We wanted to go to the funeral museum...the chocolate musuem....the abor
tion museum.....the schnapps musuem.....yes a lot.
However I spent too much time moaning about searching for Topfenstrudel (my new favourite variety) so eventually we managed to visit:
  • The Torture Museum
  • The Marzipan Museum
  • The Albertina
Ok...Torture Museum AKA FOLTER....SUCKED BIG STYLE.....queuing for an hour for a couple of shitty statues and being squashed in a bomb shelter like sardines. And there wasnt too much to see....a few chains and that and it was a total BUNFIGHT to actually get out. Needs a major RE-VAMP.

Ok, so we were on a tight schedule...and most of our original plans had to be scrapped....we were passing the Albertina so went in to check out the "Body and Language" exhibit which features an awesome collection of contemporary photography from people including Erwin Wurm and Helmut Newton....Word on the street is there are some Rubens lurking about upstairs....I would have LOVED to go and see them...but I'll have to save them for my next visit as the MARZIPAN MUSEUM was calling!

Yes Please....the Demel Marzipan Museum was last on our hit list....and we totally saved the best till last....Marzipan is one of my FAVOURITE THINGS I was in mega-awe at the spectacular creations made of MARZIPAN!Love it!
Wish we had more time as it was a race against the clock to see everything we wanted to...and Ideally I would have liked to go to 80 musuems....
Bedtime is calling...and a new copy of 'Take a Break' arrived for me here in Whirlers yesterday from the I'm off to indulge in some shit real life drama!
Love and Marzipan