Tuesday 24 June 2014

Seoul Summer Special Stuff!!!

YIKES....time has TOTALLY flown! I can't actually believe that I've been here in magical Korea for 2 months already! Seems only 5 minutes ago that I was seizing the final opportunity to stock up on Cadbury's at the airport and buying a last Boots Meal Deal! At the same time I feel as though things have been so action packed here that it's almost as though I've lived here for an eternity! Everything has continued to be super busy...when I'm not working, I'm taking advantage of every precious second that I have here in glorious Korea and trying to see and experience as much as I physically can! Korea amazes me every single day and I still have to pinch myself to believe that I am actually living here in GLORIOUS Seoul and surrounded by so much phantasmagorically awesome inspiration every day!
So I guess the settling in process is something that takes a while...I'm still grasping the finer details of things like operating my toaster oven in Korean...collecting points cards for supermarkets...buying potting compost instead of accidental bags of horse manure etc...!!!
My apartment is starting to feel like home...especially now that I have a windowsill full of plants (namely basil plants as I made the mistake of planting the whole packet of seeds at once instead of staggering the crops!)...and I also have some pets... 3 teeny, tiny baby fish who I have named; Britney, Liberace and Puffycakes...they have their own little tropical rainbow paradise complete with palm trees! 
In other news I will be starting my super hardcore Korean classes  in a couple of weeks so hopefully it wont be long until I can unleash a bit of lingo which will make life sooo much easier!

The past few weeks have been a total whirlwind...it's been awesome to catch  up and hang out with old friends and meet lots of new people and talented souls whilst taking in the abundance of amazing exhibitions and creative events that Seoul has going on as well as visiting a bunch of new places....I'm also doing a load of new research and getting involved in the skillzzzzzz of Korean embroidery and quilting! A lot has been happening recently...many a scenario...so I'll sum it up in a nutshell otherwise we could be here a while.......
found many awesome painted backstreets in Iwha-dong...ate about a zillion tteok (rice cakes!)...sampled many varieties of bingsu (shaved ice with an array of magical toppings, condensed milk, cocopops, fruit cocktail...)...picnicked around the many wonderful parks of Seoul....dodged snakes in Seoul forest....faced my fears and delved into a butterfly house... got sunburnt by the horrendously scorching rays THROUGH my denim dress...!!!
Experienced some beautiful Korean countryside... got over excited by the joys of the underground optical market and bought yet more glasses...went on some out of town adventures to Gangwondo, Chuncheon, Heyri and Suwon...took the trek out to Incheon to visit good old Art Platform....hung out in cat cafe's....drank Hello Kitty Sakura smoothies....tracked down some mega falafel...had my palm read at a weird private view/ studio bash bonanza...saw people in North Korea working in the fields from the Odusan Observatory in Paju, S.Korea...climbed a couple of 'mountains' and by that I mean cruising around Namsan and Naksan in inappropriate footwear...!
So all in all you get the idea....next time I will be more organized and update more often rather than this bombardment of info and snaps!!!!!!
Got a few fashion orientated updates which I will save for my next post...so for now I will leave you with a few photos from recent jaunts and adventures!!!!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx

Sunday 8 June 2014


oOOOooo HIYA~ HAPPY SUNDAY from Sunny Seoul!!!
So just a quick one to fill you in on some stuff that's been in the pipeline for a few months now~ So a while back I got involved with the crew from LAH'LAH'LAND~ an contemporary fashion boutique in Malaysia which was mega exciting as they are a talented bunch of creatives working on some really awesome things!!! They have just launched their brand new creative initiative~ LLL+ a concept store and fashion space in Kuala Lumpur and I'm SUPER HAPPY to be onboard as one of the international designers featured at LLL+!!!! They have a bunch of exclusive and limited edition pieces currently installed so I shall be updating and giving you all of the juice on that soon!!!
In the meantime, thought I would give you a sneaky peek of a brand new editorial by LAH'LAH'LAND X YAA SUI for 'Hanger Magazine', Malaysia which features some of my pieces shot in Tokyo (team credits below!!). So check out the special preview and I shall be unleashing the rest of the shoot and details soon!!! Also be sure to follow Lah'Lah'Land on Instagram for all of their news: LAHLAHLANDKL
Also I promise to update all of the latest gossip from my antics in Seoul ASAP as lots of fun things have been going on!!!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxxx

(Image Credits:)
Photographer: Look Chee Chung
Stylist: Sun Khiew
Hair Stylist: Leo Wong
Make Up Artist: LaineWong

Clothing: Emma Bell/ ShopFloorWhore/ Yesah/ Lah'Lah'Land.