Thursday 18 February 2010


Goddag....that's what they say here...means Hello!!!
So last week we went whipping off to Denmark which was so much fun! After a crazy busy few weeks....I couldn't wait! Tra La La Danish Pastries!
The lovely guys at Gallery brought us over to cover 'Copenhagen Fashio
n Week' and once I heard the Little Mermaid lived there, I was all wrapped up in the thermals for the action.
Jam packed week and too many stories and exploits to tell so I shall give you the abridged we went to lots of shows which was fun...I'm going to unleash some pictures from a couple of my fave shows!

Louise Amstrup- Loved this show! The collection titled, 'The City of Lost Children', opened with a short film and had some awesome digital prints!

Another favourite was Henrik Vibskov who presented his AW10 collection titled 'The Slippery Spiral Situation', in a huge warehouse opening with a band rocking monk-like attire...check out some of my pics...

And in other even get a blanket with your coffee when sitting in sub-zero is a basic rundown of what went down.....

So there you go.....that's what was in the mix last week!! Fun times...and even picked up a corker of a necklace from a Peruvian Denmark! Ooh and mega thanks to Gallery!
Love and Danish Pastries!!!

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Diesel, Across the Pond and other Frolics...

Boxy with Boxes and PANT INSPECTION!!!
OOOoooh Hiya!!!
o as I was saying...hectic couple of weeks!!! So Knoxy was recently appointed as stylist for a music video catalogue for Diesel's 'BE STUPID' campaign...
The project went on the rampage recruiting an array of creatives from designers, bloggers, musicians, stylists, artists, models tra la appear in the magical vide
I've been working in wardrobe throughout the project which has been sooo much fun and a few new phrases were even invented including..."cupping the ter
rier" after someone caressed a man's beard like a kitten.... So this space and I shall pass the link over once the video has gone LIVE!!!

In other you know, some of my garments went over to New York for their Christmas holidays for a very special shoot with Raquel Reed and Doe Deere, shot by Steve Prue.
The shots of Doe were used in her cover shot and feature in US Auxiliary Magazine...exciting stuff which, you can see above there! Love it!!!

Ooohh and finally....check the above woop!! I was featured in an advert for British Airways Great Britons in the 'Independent'!!!
Love and Jellybeans!

Music Videos, Ladders and Stuff!

It's been a while...the past few weeks have been crazy busy and many a cheap laugh has here is the LOWDOWNNN...
So last month I was working alongside Natalie on a music video that Alexis was styling one of the artists for....
We were working with Emeli Sande...She's an awesome singer/songwriter whose tracks include collaborations with with Chipmunk...
Her latest work is Naughty Boy presents; Wiley feat Emeli Sande, "Never Be your Woman"...which is kind of spooky because only the week before I had sat and watched 'Never be your woman' the movie....eek! Paranormal!
So here you's the video itself in all it's glory!!!

Oohh and I also had to face one of my many irrational fears of stairs/ladders and climb up a particularly trecherous metal ladder in a mini skirt!!!jeepers!
Love and Ladders,

Monday 1 February 2010

Clothes on Holiday and Raquel Reed!!!

image:Steve Prue-
So over Christmas....a load of my clothes went on a little holiday Stateside!!! All packed up and ready to go, they jetted across the Atlantic to spend Christmas in New York!!!
All geared up was a very special shoot with Raquel Reed and Doe Deere shot by Steve Prue.
And rocking the menswear was Dylan Monroe!
Just a sneak preview for now!! Here you can see Raquel wearing my pink palm tree dress!!! But I LOVEEE the images that are en route!!! Super colourful and exciting!!Wooo!
So keep an eye out and I shall be sharing the love very soon!
Love and Cherry Bakewells,