Monday 16 April 2012

Clogs, Cheese and Dutch Adventures!!!!

Goedemiddag!!! (That's Good Afternoon in Dutch FYI....)
So last week I enjoyed a GLORIOUS trip to The Netherlands, post Easter egg
indulgence.... I hit up Haarlem in the North of Holland for some clog hunting and Gouda eating!!! There were a few windmills in the mix, plenty of rosehip jam and of course a trip to Holland is never complete without crispy fries and homemade mayo!!!!
Here's a few snaps from the Dutch adventure!!!

In other news I'm still on the lookout for photographers based in Maribor, Slovenia for an upcoming fashion/visual arts project.... or any potential collaborators, I would LOVE to hear from you... drop me a line via my website HERE!!!
Love and Sparkles,

Monday 2 April 2012

More Swedish TV,Kandee Shoes and Tumblr Time!!!

Oohhh Hiya!!!!
Just a couple of updates on this chilly day after this glorious 'heatwave'....
So my alltime favourite stylist of dreams, Alexis Knox, has been rocking out a selection of my robes on Swedish telly again.... She has been presenting for Mi Lajki's Style Factory and you can check out the episodes here on So be sure to take a little peep!!!

In other news you can also check out some of my stuff that was recently used in the Kandee Shoes campaign for their awesome S/S 2012 collection titled 'LOUD' styled by Alexis... Here's my quilted bubble skirt and sequinned jacket putting in an appearance alongside their juicy footwear! You can check out their stuff HERE!!!!

While I'm here I'll also mention the fact that I've been getting in on this Tumblr action....It's taken some getting grips to but now I totally love it.... I'm posting more general stuff on there so it's not as much work orientated as my blog as I'm posting all sorts of bits and bobs on there from stuff I like, travel things, fashion shizz, daily delights etc... so have a little peruse HERE!!!

Finally, before I get back to my sequins I wanted to put a shout out to any creatives based in Slovenia....I'm working on a really exciting project, more to come on that soon, but I'm on the lookout for people based mainly in the city of Maribor who are interested in collaboration....any photographers, make up artists etc, would love to hear from you so please drop me a line HERE!!!
Right, so that's all for now!!!
Toodle pip!!!!!!!!!!!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx