Thursday 31 October 2013

Germany, Stuff and Happy Halloween!!!

Oooooh Hiya!!!
Ooooopppss....where has the time gone?!?! eeek...been wrapped up working on a few bits and bobs, namely a print/ textile project and some freelance stuff, hence the lack of updates on the old blog recently...yikesss!!!

Ok, so firstly... last month I was working over in Germany for a few days with superstarrrrrr stylist Alexis Knox. We whipped over to beautiful Cologne as Alexis was unleashing her magical skillzzz and styling the AWESOME band that were performing with Miley Cyrus on German TV show, 'Schlag Den Raab'.
The band looked SUPER HOT,  and the show was phantasmagorical ~ great team to work with!!! Aside from heavy duty German sewing machines there was also a whole load of pumpernickel and a late night peep at the exquisite Köln Cathedral involved in the whole shebang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So that was the German action...

In other news the second leg of the 'IPAP Sea of Peace'exhibition that I have been showing my work at, recently wrapped up it's presentation at the 'Tri-Bowl' culture space in New Songdo City, South Korea. 
So I've talked a lot about this particular project as a massive chunk of my work, focus and collaborations this year have been linked to my posting as artist in residence with 'Incheon Art Platform' in South Korea a few months back, so I wont go into the full speile again!!! But, it's been awesome that the works and research documentation that I began when I was based over there have had the opportunity for so much movement and exposure and it's been really great to be involved with the Peace Art initiative and the exhibition as it's such a fascinating project. The work I have been showing is from my 'Tales From Blue Truck Island' series and the second leg followed the exhibitions' debut on various venues on Baengnyeong Island throughout the summer.

Another bit of EXCITING news, my collaboration with super talented animator, Will Adams, titled ' The Whistle-Stop Diaries' will be screening again here in the UK~ mega happy that it will be showcased as part of Skwigly Magazine's event at 'Bradford Animation Festival' next month!!!! Yayyyy!!!! 
So I'll give you further info on that soon for anyone interested in  checking it out!!!!
Right so this post is beginning to turn into an I will save the other updates for next time as there is a pumpkin sitting waiting to be carved~ proper excited for the Halloween delights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oOOOOOhhhh and before I forget....I finally hopped on the Instagram bandwagon....yes, about time I hear!!! So there you can find a mixture of work related stuff and other randomness like novelty teapots, textile glory, fashion things, dreamy travel joys.....general nonsense! You can find me @_emma_bell so I will see you there!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok.... so until next time!!!!!!!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!